Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dave Kieffer (aka "Mr. Top-Down") Is Headed to California.

Remember Dave Kieffer?

Former SEIU Long Term Care Director inside the Purple Palace in DC.

Tyrone Freeman Supporter.

Architect of SEIU's widely-criticized, top-down deals with nursing home bosses called the "Nursing Home Alliance."

Husband of SEIU consultant Pam Kieffer.

Architect of "buy to grow" where SEIU tried to get its pension funds to loan companies money to buy non-union employers--assuming that those employers would then be more union friendly.

Well, he's headed to California to run the SEIU California State Council. That means he'll be key in setting the legislative agenda for SEIU in California.

Bad news for California's progressive community and it seems like a demotion for Dave, don't it?