Friday, April 30, 2010

The Quality of the Zombies Gets Worse Everyday

As 900 workers are casting their mail-in ballots at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Tasty got more reports about Delaina Contreras, SEIU's weapon of mass distraction.

Apparently, Delaina has been telling workers they should vote for SEIU because it has lots of staff, lawyers, offices, "stuff," etc. She's also been lying to workers by telling them they'll lose their wages and benefits if they vote for NUHW. When one worker asked Delaina for something on paper with legal citations that would back up her claims about lost wages and benefits, she said, "We don't work that way" and then refused to provide anything!

The member responded, "But I thought you had all kinds of attorneys, offices and staff. What do they do?"

Delaina, at a loss for words, pivoted around and walked down the hall.

Freedom Lives at Kaiser South Bay!

From a Reader:

SEIU failed in their feeble attempt to remove NUHW leaders from the South Bay hospital cafeteria last night.

NUHW leaders Derrell Joseph, Alice Porter and Deborah Darrington were meeting in the cafeteria tonight after work with NUHW organizers. Two SEIU stewards came into the cafeteria and told NUHW leaders "you have to leave. You're not supposed to be here. You can't talk to people in here".. Derrell, Alice and Deborah defended their rights ("We're not leaving. We're off the clock and you'll be going back to work"- and continued to sign workers on the NUHW petition and pass out NUHW leaflets. SEIU called security and sat down to wait (until they're break was over). Security first tried to remove us, but were advised to ask their boss about federal labor law and Kaiser policy. The guards came back and confirmed, "We've been told that you can be in the cafeteria!". We finished our meeting and got several more signatures.

Hallelujah, Democracy in action.

In all fairness to the stewards, they were just following directions from their SEIU union representatives. Earlier that day, SEIU rep Chante Barnes (remember her from her failed efforts in the pro election) wrote an email to the stewards advising them to stop NUHW leaders and organizers from talking to Kaiser workers.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strange Turn of Events with Strange Blogger

Looks like SEIU's strange and hateful mystery blogger has finally seen the truth about SEIU!

Months ago, in response to Perez Stern website, SEIU set up a half-assed excuse of a website called X Perez Borselli. SEIU has used the site to spread all kinds of misinformation and lies about NUHW, and or just print their own press releases/use caps way too much.

Well, yesterday, the blogger who runs the SEIU website apparently jumped ship! The blogger posted one last item (an article that's critical of SEIU from the right wing Washington Times entitled "Andy Stern's Debts") and wrote "This is my last entry/this blog ends here." And in another parting shot at SEIU, the blogger wrote: "While SEIU's pension plans were failing and its liabilities growing, SEIU LEADERSHIP seemed more concerned with electoral politics THAN MEMBERS." Check it out.

Looks like even SEIU's most partisan zombies are capable of seeing the light!

UPDATE: after posting this entry, X Perez Borselli reneged his last post and put up a totally strange salute to Dave Regan. It only gets stranger...did the Zombies get him!?!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anna conceeds, Mary Kay is the new Presidential Zombie.

After weeks of drama SEIU has a clear new boss: Mary Kay Henry.

Below is Anna Burger's letter to supporters/SEIU staff in which she takes her name out of consideration:

April 28, 2010

To the Members of the International Executive Board:

Thirty-eight years ago, as a member of SEIU, I was faced with a major
decision about participating in my first wild cat strike. My father
gave me good advice, telling me to stick to the union because unions
make a difference in working peoples' lives. In the years since, I
have had the most extraordinary opportunity to each day apply my
values and my convictions to my work. I have been granted the chance
to stand by and for people who work - janitors, security officers,
nurses' aides, home care attendants, child care providers and public
sector workers like I once was. I have sat at the bargaining table,
in the offices of elected leaders and, most importantly, in living
rooms all around this country, serving at every level of this union
from rank-and-file member to organizer to local leader to field
director to Secretary-Treasurer - all to help working people have
their shot at the American Dream.

I am writing to you today to let you know while I would have treasured
the opportunity to serve as SEIU President, I am withdrawing my

I am very proud of what our union has accomplished over the past 14
years, doubling our members' strength, winning major victories for
workers and changing the political landscape in this country to help
working families make life better for their children and
grandchildren. Mary Kay Henry and I have been close allies for years,
and we share the same goals for our union and for the larger labor
movement. We have worked side-by-side on many initiatives over the
years, and I wish her only the best as President of SEIU. And because
I love our union, I will do everything in my power to make sure that
this is a smooth transition and that our union will continue to help
our members do extraordinary things.

We women have a special knack for putting our egos aside and keeping
our eye on the bigger picture and the common good. I am a union
sister of Mary Kay's in the truest sense of the term. We intend to
show the broader community how, despite honest differences over a
leadership choice, once that choice is made we can come back together
as close working colleagues for the benefit of our members and all
working people.

I want to thank many of you for supporting my candidacy and sharing my
vision for the future of our union. The media is just wrong when they
suggest that this contest represents a "shift in SEIU's priorities" or
a "rejection of the Stern/Burger agenda." I know this was a tough
decision for many of you, that each and every one of you weighed this
choice carefully, and I accept this outcome.

It is time for us to focus back on the important work we need to do.
My job right now is to continue as Secretary-Treasurer and to help
Mary Kay and the rest of the leadership of our union to finish the job
of reaching our ambitious Justice for All goals adopted by our members
at our 2008 Convention.

Again, I congratulate Mary Kay and look forward to cementing our
partnership as we lead SEIU through 2010 and beyond.

In unity,

Anna Burger
Secretary-Treasurer, SEIU

A Note from a CCMS worker.

Tasty got this note from a reader:

"It's crazy. Here in San Francisco, SEIU staff are shocked that they lost the election at CCMS... even though SEIU has negotiated sell-out contracts at one facility after another since trusteeing UHW. At CCMS, SEIU sent a paid lost-time staffer named Marcelino Robles to convince workers to vote for SEIU. But even Marcelino admitted to CCMS workers that SEIU sold out workers at his facility during contract negotiations. Marcelino works at Sutter's California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco's biggest hospital, where SEIU just agreed to cuts and also committed the union's support for a plan that will shut down the only private hospital in San Francisco that serves poor people. (The hospital also employs hundreds of members of UHW and CNA.) When SEIU's own organizers can't run away from the truth, you know it's bad."

Friday, April 23, 2010

From Bad to Worse for SEIU...NUHW Wins Again.

This week, elections were held in 3 facilities where SEIU had selectively dropped its blocking charges because it felt it could easily win elections against NUHW. After Wednesday's election results (SEIU lost one election and the second one is still too close to call), SEIU officials apparently saw the writing on the wall and tried to stop the third election.

On Wednesday, SEIU's attorneys filed new NLRB blocking charges to stop the election from taking place. The NLRB rejected that effort, so today -- as workers at a San Francisco nursing home (Convalescent Center Mission Street) were voting -- SEIU sent its high-priced attorneys back to the NLRB's DC office and demanded that workers' ballots be impounded. Well, Tasty hears that the NLRB just rejected that demand as well, and the ballots will be counted this afternoon in San Francisco.

Doesn't look too good for SEIU if it can't even win in its cherry-picked facilities where workers have been flooded with SEIU staff, glossy mailers and phone calls! Tasty hears that at the San Francisco nursing home, SEIU has had 4 organizers (including Oriana Saportas) sitting in workers' break room for months, while NUHW volunteer staff are not even permitted inside the facility.

So, how does it end? NUHW wins by a mile.

Here is the vote count:

1 no union

A Crime and a Shame?

Remember Monica Russo? The president of SEIU Healthcare Florida (1199 Florida?) If you don't you might remember her as part of the Famous Duo: Tyrone and Monica Rock the SEIU Convention!

Turns out Miss Monica's local is the latest to be gobbled up 1199 (aka SEIU UHE)! Not sure when it will happen, but sounds like Monica might be looking for a new gig...Now that Tyrone has been "let go" from his sports agent gig the time might be right for those two to go on American Idol!

Re-Running Internal Elections at 221!

The U.S. Department of Labor has nixed another SEIU officer election due to violations... this time at SEIU Local 221 in San Diego. This follows similar actions against SEIU Local 6434 and Local 1984.

Check out a website run by rank-and-file reformers from Local 221 to see a copy of the DOL letter announcing a re-run of the elections.

At the time of the botched elections, Local 221 was run by Sharon-Frances Moore, who Stern famously appointed as the local's president after meeting her at a cocktail party in Manhattan. Moore, whose closest previous union experience was working at the Girl Scouts, hoped that members would elect her to office even though her reign at Local 221 was a giant disaster.

During Moore's tenure, Local 221 lost more than 10% of its membership and the local's finances went from being in the black to $1.2 million in the red. This didn't stop Moore from following the lead of another Stern appointee, Susana Segat, and humbly accepting pay increases as the local spiraled downwards. Last year, Moore earned $145,000 for leading a local of just 6,900 members.

Moore joins a growing list of Andy's hand-picked appointees who may be plenty loyal to Andy but have demonstrated quite a track record of incompetence, greed and corruption: Tyrone Freeman, Rickman Jackson, Annelle Grajeda, Byron Hobbs, Susana Segat, Damita Davis-Howard, Bill Lloyd, etc.

Moore's loyalty to Andy seems to be a tad strained these days. She recently sued SEIU for reneging on her $107,000 severance package after a public uproar caused SEIU officials to rethink her sweetheart deal.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still Waiting for the Good Old Fashioned Ass Whoopin' Dave Regan Promised.

Two elections today--both squeakers, but both show that despite SEIU's significant resources, workers aren't exactly buying what they are selling.

First, 4 nursing homes owned by Pratap Poddatoori in Northern California. Tasty was told by an SEIU staff person directly that there was "no way" they were losing these homes.

4 No Union

Result: inconclusive, there will be a run off between SEIU and NUHW--clearly any one's game.

Also, the workers at Prison Health Services, a location at which SEIU botched a one day strike earlier this spring by not putting an end date on their strike notice--resulting in a lockout for the workers, workers voted:

No Union 1

Result: victory for NUHW!

...wasn't SEIU's whole plan here to run the elections that were "in the bag" for them first? Do these SEIU staff even talk to the members? You have to think that SEIU's "get tough" approach is starting to bite them: because they have ruled with fear and intimidation means that they can't get honest answers from members--and thus are unable to effectively ID voters. Oops...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SEIU Feeling a Chill in the Sunshine State!

Tasty hears that SEIU's "membership problems" are growing. Apparently, SEIU 1991 RNs at HCA's Northside Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL just filed for a decertification election. Northside is one of only 10 hospitals that SEIU Healthcare Florida represents in the entire state. Sources say that, after nurses filed for the decert election, the California Nurses Association approached the hospital's 250 RNs about joining the CNA. But RNs apparently said they they didn't want anything to do with CNA since it's in a partnership with SEIU. (Nurses: just sayin'...)

Tasty also hears that last week, SEIU lost two representation elections for hundreds of workers employed by the Compass Group. One election was in Florida and the second was on April 16 at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis, TN.

Of course the Executive VP of the Healthcare division, Mary Kay Henry, is too busy to be bothered with addressing these FAILs because she's currently campaigning to be President of the entire union! True, compared to SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger, who wouldn't know an organizing chart if it bit her in the rear end ("what do the focus groups think?"), Henry is a regular Walter Reuther. But is Mary Kay Henry *really* the best candidate SEIU's opposition could come up with? What are the big organizing victories she can hang her hat on? The Advocate Health Care campaign in Chicago? Oops, that never happened. A national Catholic hospitals agreement? Yep, any day now... (Actually, Fred Ross informed us that SEIU was on the verge of a breakthrough at St. Josephs Health System--but dropped it because they didn't want the pre-Zombie UHW to get the credit!)

The fact is SEIU today is far from an organizing powerhouse, and has completely failed to live up to its potential, much less to Andy Stern's grand rhetoric. Tasty thinks this leadership vacuum may be the most compelling indictment of the union Stern has is leaving behind. Thanks Andy. Have fun at the beach.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Warning: Really NSFW.

Say you were a member of Unite/Here and your local was hijacked and now a part of "Workers United." Say you were interested in this and you checked out the website that "Workers United" ran to learn more.

Except that when you go to you are instead directed to a Porn Site. (If you go, don't say that Tasty didn't warn you. There is a reason it isn't hyper-linked.)

Is this what happens when SEIU and Worker's United can't pay the bills?

Zombie trying "Flirt to Convert?"

Last month, many UHW members were shocked by the violent outburst of SEIU staffer Liz Castillo, who slapped an NUHW supporter--on video. Liz, reportedly, has "voluntarily left" UHW after her outburst. Now SEIU's Delaina Contreras (former Local 521 staffer) has been trying to get 'more bees with honey' at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, if you know what I mean.

Readers report that she has been "parading around the hospital in provocative clothing" and send flirty text messages to members.

Apparently, an NUHW supporter confronted her about her flirtatious ways and told her that if any of his friends vote for SEIU, it won't because of the issues--but because they like what she is wearing! Eek.

Reports also suggest that despite the come-hither approach of Delaina the workers are focused on real issues and are strongly supporting NUHW. The ballots will be mailed out on April 22nd.

Why is Andy leaving?

According to Google there are 679 news articles about Andy Stern's resignation. Tasty, for one, is ALMOST sick of talking about it--but there remains one big question: why now?

There are a lot of rumors that Tasty has heard--among them: new jobs, presidential appointments, general desire to screw around with his $19,000/mnth pension, DOL probes regarding the SoCal shenanigans with Alejandro Stephens..and then there is Andy's old friend, Mr. Celebrity Apprentice Rod "the hair" Blagojevich.

Could this be what caused Andy's hasty exit stage right?

It turns out that yesterday (April 14), a federal judge released a 91-page “evidentiary proffer” that lays out "the path federal prosecutors plan to take at [former Illinois Governor Rod] Blagojevich's scheduled June trial on corruption charges," according to the Chicago Tribune. The proffer gives new details about Blago’s secretly recorded phone calls and other evidence collected by prosecutors, including... you guessed it: Blago's effort to cut a deal with SEIU officials to sell Obama's Senate seat.

As many readers know, Stern has a long (and expensive) history with Blago. SEIU was reportedly candidate Blago’s biggest campaign contributor, giving him $1.7 million. Soon after Blago was sworn into office, he returned the favor by signing an Executive Order in 2003 that gave SEIU the right to organize 25,000 homecare workers in Illinois. Two years later, Blago signed another Executive Order that allowed SEIU to organize 49,000 childcare workers.

Above see a picture of Andy at Blago’s signing of one of the Executive Orders.

So what have feds revealed in their “evidentiary proffer?” A quick look reveals dozens of references to SEIU officials (including Tom Balanoff) and their apparent involvement in Blago’s multiple schemes to sell Obama’s vacant Senate seat. It is important to note that, according to multiple sources, Balanoff is now "campaigning hard" in support of Anna Burger to succeed Stern as SEIU President. Balanoff used to "hate" Burger, but the speculation is that she knows (as the President of Change to Win) even more damning evidence on Balanoff than the feds have made public, and Balanoff has bought her silence with his support.

One scheme involved a “three-way” quid pro quo deal to put Blago, or his wife, in a highly paid position at Change to Win (making it the least hot "three-way" ever blogged about.) Another scheme involved pouring millions of dollars into a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization that Blago would set up to lobby for health care legislation. Another involved getting Blago a job at a private foundation funded by SEIU.

Tasty has pasted excerpts from the “evidentiary proffer” below. It’s long, I know, but I thought readers would want to see the details. It includes some real gems, like: “Blagojevich responded that the Change to Win idea was a ‘fucking great idea.’’ You can see the entire proffer at this link. Here are the excerpts:

Later on November 3, 2008 (Blagojevich Call #149), Blagojevich talked to Harris again. During the call, Blagojevich stated his belief that individuals associated with Service Employees International Union (“SEIU”) were coming to meet with Blagojevich that day to push for Senate Candidate B’s appointment…

On the afternoon of November 3, 2008, Blagojevich met with Labor Union Official and another representative of SEIU. During the meeting, there was a discussion about a number of different candidates for the Senate seat. Both SEIU representatives expressed their view that Senate Candidate B would be a good choice for the Senate seat. Blagojevich stated that he assumed that if Obama was interested in Senate Candidate B being named to replace Obama, then Obama would be in touch with Blagojevich…

“On November 5, 2008 (Blagojevich Call #255), Blagojevich informed Deputy Governor A that Labor Union Official, who was one of the officials who had met with Blagojevich on November 3, 2008 to discuss the Senate seat, was coming back to meet with Blagojevich to discuss the Senate seat. Labor Union Official was set to meet with Blagojevich the following day. Blagojevich talked through jobs he could request in exchange for naming a candidate to the Senate seat and noted that none of them would be attainable if it were not for the fact Blagojevich had the right to fill the Senate seat.

Later on November 5, 2008 (Blagojevich Call #261), Blagojevich talked to Harris. They discussed what Blagojevich should say to Labor Union Official regarding what Blagojevich wanted in exchange for naming Senate Candidate B to the Senate seat… Harris stated that if Blagojevich’s goal was to trade the Senate seat for a job elsewhere, then Blagojevich needed to “put it on the table” with Labor Union Official…

Based on Harris’s prior conversations with Blagojevich, Harris informed Blagojevich that Harris had told Deputy Governor A that they were looking for a “reasonable ask” in exchange for the Senate seat that “takes care” of Blagojevich’s family and keeps Blagojevich’s future political ambitions open. Harris stated they were now looking at private foundations in which the president-elect might have influence and would not appear to look like a “deal” for the Senate seat. Harris suggested they look at private foundations that were “heavily dependent on federal aid.” … Blagojevich suggested to Harris and Deputy Governor A that it was difficult to see this kind of deal coming together, but told Deputy Governor A and Harris to find the foundations that SEIU funded. Deputy Governor A agreed that they should find the foundations SEIU funded because then SEIU could help broker the deal with Blagojevich. Again, Blagojevich told Deputy Governor A and Harris to “look into those ones that are funded by labor.”

Later on November 5, 2008 (Blagojevich Call #281), Blagojevich spoke to Advisor B about Blagojevich’s interest in getting a private foundation job. Blagojevich told Advisor B that SEIU and the president-elect could remove the head of a particular foundation and give the position to Blagojevich…

On the morning of November 6, 2008 (Blagojevich Calls #317, 319, and 321), Blagojevich talked to Harris. Blagojevich had arranged a meeting with Labor Union Official for later that afternoon. Harris and Blagojevich discussed the meeting with Labor Union Official and how Blagojevich could ask for what Blagojevich wanted from Labor Union Official…

Later in the call, Harris suggested that Blagojevich request a position as the paid national coordinator for Change To Win, an organization partially funded by SEIU, in exchange for naming Senate Candidate B to the Senate seat. Harris suggested to Blagojevich that the Change to Win idea might be better than a private foundation because the Change to Win job is controlled by SEIU and Blagojevich would not necessarily have to step down as governor to take it immediately, like he might have to do with a private foundation job. Blagojevich responded that the Change to Win idea was a “fucking great idea.” Later, Blagojevich stated he would like to be on some “corporate boards” in addition to taking the Change to Win job. Harris responded that Harris thought Change to Win would be a full-time job. Blagojevich asked “would I be able to get a little extra income though.” Harris responded that he did not think Blagojevich would want to sell himself to SEIU as a part-time employee. Blagojevich responded “No, but if I could sit on a couple a boards, that’s not much time, or teach a class.” Later Blagojevich asked how much the Change to Win job would pay. Harris suggested it probably paid at least what Labor Union Official made working for SEIU. Blagojevich responded “I betcha he makes, well he lives on the north shore, you gotta think he makes more than the governor, right?”

…Blagojevich informed his wife that Blagojevich was meeting with Labor Union Official that afternoon. Blagojevich talked to his wife about becoming the national director of Change to Win and that “hopefully you get paid decent.” Blagojevich also informed his wife that Change to Win would allow him to form a national network of low wage workers to help in his future political career. During the conversation, Blagojevich’s wife looked up information about Change to Win on the internet, in part to determine “what they paid their people in 2006.” Blagojevich’s wife had trouble finding the salary information on-line. Blagojevich responded “Don’t worry about it. Yeah, that’s, you negotiate that. I’d like a 4-year contract for a million a year or somethin’. . . . Or 750 or whatever. It’d have to be good. Obama’s got excess money, he just gives them more money.” Blagojevich told his wife he was not sure the Change to Win idea would happen, but it was one of several options.

On November 6, 2008, Blagojevich met with Labor Union Official alone… Thereafter, Blagojevich made clear to Labor Union Official that he would name Senate Candidate B to the Senate seat in exchange for being named Secretary of HHS…

Later on November 7, 2008 (Blagojevich Calls #403, 405, 406, and 408), Blagojevich spoke to Harris and Advisor A, a political advisor, about, among other things, Blagojevich’s request for the Secretary of HHS position and the possibility of obtaining a job with Change to Win… Advisor A told Blagojevich that Advisor A liked the Change to Win idea. Blagojevich asked whether the Change to Win idea was better than trying to work out a deal to provide the Senate seat to Individual L. Advisor A indicated the Change to Win idea was better to help Blagojevich financially and his future politically. Blagojevich agreed…

Later on November 12, 2008 (Blagojevich Calls #533, 535, and 537), Blagojevich spoke to Advisor A. Blagojevich explained his 501(c)(4) idea to Advisor A and stated it would be a place for Blagojevich to get a job after he was governor, like Change to Win. Advisor A told Blagojevich that Advisor A liked Change to Win better because it had “fewer fingerprints.” Blagojevich stated his concern with Change to Win was that it might not be there in two years while the 501(c)(4) was something Blagojevich could “control.” …

Immediately after learning that Senate Candidate B may have taken herself out of consideration for the Senate seat, Blagojevich made a direct effort to obtain money for his 501(c)(4) in exchange for naming Senate Candidate B to the Senate seat. Blagojevich called Labor Union Official (Blagojevich Call #541). During the call, Blagojevich informed Labor Union Official that “one thing” Blagojevich would be interested in was the creation of a “501(c)(4)” issue advocacy organization. Blagojevich stated the organization would be there if he were not governor anymore. Blagojevich stated that right now it would be run by people he trusts and it would be a health care organization. Blagojevich told Labor Union Official that certain wealthy individuals could put $10, $15, or $20 million into the organization over night. Blagojevich then stated that he and the organization could “help our new Senator, [Senate Candidate B], go out” and push an agenda. Labor Union Official understood that Blagojevich was connecting the funding of the 501(c)(4) organization to Blagojevich naming Senate Candidate B to the Senate…

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't Smile Because It's Over, Cry Because It Happened.

Oh Man. Stern just put out this video. Worth watching.

Favorite parts?

The shot of Damita at about 4:18 when he mentions local leaders! (More proof that SEIU staff in DC have no idea about the rest of the union.)

The Last Line. Classic.

Also this:

"Watch the video below and share your appreciation for Andy using the form to the left. You can share your thoughts on your mobile device by texting ANDY and your message to 787753. "

Get to the texting.

Monday, April 12, 2010

More on Stern's Resignation

NY Times

Politico (which broke the story, aside from yours truly)


Washington Examiner

The Atlantic

It is like wildfire right now, stay posted. Poor little crisis communicator Michelle Ringuette is going to be up all night!

BREAKING NEWS: No Joke--Stern to Resign Soon

UPDATE: Here is the email from 1199NW president:


> From: "Diane Sosne"
> Date: April 12, 2010 11:35:45 AM PDT
> To: "Everyone @ SEIU"
> Subject: Andy Stern Resigning as President of SEIU
> Last night I received confirmation that Andy Stern is resigning as President of SEIU. He has not yet made a public announcement; we will share the details as we become aware of them.

Tasty has heard from several reliable sources that high level SEIU leaders are telling their staff: Stern is resigning soon. Like, within hours.

I should have a copy of the email that has gone out soon.

Please send me confirmations if you have them:

ps if this is true we'll get to pick a new blog name! Balanoff Burger with Fries?

Local 221 Members: Guess Who is Back, and Looking for Your Dues?

Sharon-Frances Moore, back to get her cash money!

Service employees union sued by ex-president over severance

San Diego Courts: The former president of San Diego County’s largest union has sued her past employer in San Diego Superior Court for breach of contract.

Sharon-Frances Moore alleges that the Service Employees International Union Local 221, which represents about 10,000 county employees and other public sector workers, agreed in January to pay her a severance of $107,850 when she resigned. Her lawsuit claims that the money was supposed to be paid out quarterly, beginning in March, with the understanding that Moore would not take any legal action against the union.

But about two weeks after the agreement was signed, Moore’s lawsuit contends, she was told the union’s executive board had voted to rescind the agreement. Her complaint, filed March 22, seeks unspecified damages, including the original contract payment and attorney’s fees.

Moore worked for the SEIU Local 221 for nearly three years, the last six months as its president.

Union spokeswoman Melinda Battenberg declined to address Moore’s allegations, saying the union could not comment on an ongoing lawsuit.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

IMPORTANT CORRECTION: Jury awarded $737, 850 NOT $1.5 million, and some thoughts...

So, in all of the aftermath from the trial yesterday there has been a lot of confusion about the decision--from all sides.

Here are the important facts: Judge Alsup will meet with the parties again on Tuesday to make sure that the decision that the jury made was in line with the instructions the jury received. It is possible that the decision could be thrown out at that time.

It appears that the decision was initially misread by all parties-NUHW has put out a revised statement indicating the the award is only about half of what was originally thought. From Sadie Crabtree, NUHW Communications: "Our attorneys say the numbers on the jury's actual verdict form appear to indicate joint and several liability, making the total liability $737,850—less than half of what SEIU claimed in their announcement."

Here is a link to the Jury's decision, not that it makes a ton of sense to anyone:

Also, check out Perez Stern's analysis of the "random" Jury decision.

To Tasty the most important lesson here is this: Members asked to leave SEIU repeatedly, the then leaders of UHW (aka the defendants in this trial) repeatedly pushed back and said that we needed to work on SEIU from inside. Until SEIU kicked them out as well. So they started a new organization, mostly because we asked them to and we are constantly are reminding them and our co-workers that this union has to be different and even better than UHW was. And they are working their tails off making it happen for us--many without pay for months at a time.

And while the whole thing is crazy and unfair, a jury just dinged them and their families--though maybe for significantly less than we originally thought--for standing by our wishes and now we have to stand by them. This is our time, members and supporters, to stand by these people. I for one am proud to do it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Send in the Clowns!

Wanna hear what SEIU is gonna say about this trial?! PR guru (ok, 'laid-off' Unite communications director) Amanda Cooper (left) will be running a call and you are invited!

Tasty doubts that you will be able to talk on that call. How totally SEIU of them to have a call but only let members listen, not talk!


Subject: The Truth is Out! And the Verdict is In! Call today at 2 for more info.
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 12:55:16 -0700
From: Amanda Cooper
To: online

Thanks for your interest in SEIU-UHW vs. NUHW. The verdict is in, and the jury has found Rosselli, NUHW and 15 others liable for the damage they did to our union. The jury awarded our union more than $1.5 million dollars in damages.

You can learn more by dialing into a conference call today:

2 p.m.

Dial In

Tell them that you are calling for the “SEIU-UHW Trial Update.”

The operator will ask for your name and affiliation for security purposes. If you are a member, please let us know where you work.


Breaking Trial News: Jury Awards SEIU $1.5 Million Dollars.

This is all still coming in and Tasty is trying to sort it out.

Bottom line:

SEIU spent about $10 million dollars in legal fees, and were awarded only $1.5 million out of the $25 million originally requested.

Charges against 12 of the original defendants were dropped entirely.

NUHW and the Fund for Union democracy have vowed to appeal the ruling.

Here are some links to share what we know, so far:

-An article in Beyond Chron on the verdict that has some details.
-Zombie statement--not up on their site yet
-NUHW statement
-check out my facebook for member's perspectives

will update often.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Much to the chagrin of SEIU, Techs at Doctors Modesto join NUHW!

On April 1st, 12 Cardio Techs and 4 Bio Med workers at Doctors Medical Center of Modesto voted to join NUHW!

The rest of the hospital, part of the Tenet Healthcare system, is union with SEIU-UHW, CNA and CIR (an SEIU local for Doctors--Interns and Residents.) The 12 cardio techs approached SEIU several months ago, but SEIU turned them away saying there were not enough of them to even "bother with!" Tasty guesses they might be a little busy over at Zombie UHW to "bother with" organizing new workers! They can't even keep what they have!

After 2 rejections from SEIU, the workers called NUHW, who helped them file for an election. When they learned these workers had filed a petition to join NUHW SEIU suddenly felt VERY concerned about these workers and sent reps and co-workers to talk them out of it. Tasty guesses that it was too little too late because SEIU couldn't ever get workers to sign a card to put them on the ballot!

When it became clear that the workers had already chosen to organize with NUHW, guess who came to SEIU's rescue? The Zombie's old friend, the Boss!

Tenet challenged the unit with the NLRB, slowing down the process for the workers. After the NLRB scheduled the election (and added Bio Med workers to the unit,) Tenet did mandatory anti-union meetings where they told the workers basically every SEIU line about NUHW, including anti-NUHW lit put out by SEIU!

Congrats to the workers at Doctors Modesto, and good work not falling for the anti-union campaign of SEIU and your boss!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hell has Frozen over and Pigs are Flying.

Check out Randy Shaw's article in today's BeyondChron.

A snippet:

In Bold Stroke, SEIU’s Andy Stern Urges Labor Unity
by Randy Shaw‚ Apr. 01‚ 2010

In a positive step for the nation’s labor movement, SEIU President Andy Stern told a group of janitors yesterday that his union will immediately cease its attacks on UNITE HERE, and avoid negative campaigning in elections against NUHW. Stern acknowledged that he was “wrong when I thought we could fight NUHW and UNITE HERE without weakening our ability to organize new workers. These internal union battles have distracted us from working to pass the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and comprehensive immigration reform.”

UNITE HERE President John Wilhelm was skeptical about Stern’s about-face, saying he “would see how this plays out on the ground.” NUHW President Sal Rosselli was even more doubtful: “it’s great that SEIU is finally withdrawing the blocking charges that prevented workers from choosing their union. But the real test is whether Stern sticks to peace if workers vote en masse to leave SEIU for NUHW.”

Andy Stern surprised his critics yesterday with an unexpected announcement that SEIU would cease trying to raid workers from UNITE HERE, and would instead stick to organizing in its core jurisdictions of building services (i.e., janitors) and health care workers. In addition, while Stern said that SEIU would vigorously compete with NUHW in California, SEIU is withdrawing all of its blocking charges so workers could freely choose between the two unions.

read more here.

Call a 1-800 number, members.

Check out this video that Unite Here put out about the sub-par job that SEIU is doing for "SWU" members.