Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strange Turn of Events with Strange Blogger

Looks like SEIU's strange and hateful mystery blogger has finally seen the truth about SEIU!

Months ago, in response to Perez Stern website, SEIU set up a half-assed excuse of a website called X Perez Borselli. SEIU has used the site to spread all kinds of misinformation and lies about NUHW, and or just print their own press releases/use caps way too much.

Well, yesterday, the blogger who runs the SEIU website apparently jumped ship! The blogger posted one last item (an article that's critical of SEIU from the right wing Washington Times entitled "Andy Stern's Debts") and wrote "This is my last entry/this blog ends here." And in another parting shot at SEIU, the blogger wrote: "While SEIU's pension plans were failing and its liabilities growing, SEIU LEADERSHIP seemed more concerned with electoral politics THAN MEMBERS." Check it out.

Looks like even SEIU's most partisan zombies are capable of seeing the light!

UPDATE: after posting this entry, X Perez Borselli reneged his last post and put up a totally strange salute to Dave Regan. It only gets stranger...did the Zombies get him!?!