Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The SEIU Charm Offensive Continues

Since SEIU has a pretty significant problem in Michigan they have sent a load of SEIU staff out there to "calm" the workers.

So the workers have gotten used to seeing SEIU staff at their facilities. Olga Vasquez, CNA, from Luther Manor is a NUHW supporter, and she wasn't surprised to see SEIU supporters and staff in her facility trying to stop workers from choosing NUHW...but she was surprised when one of SEIU's staff FLIPPED HER THE BIRD!

Nice, SEIU.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dolores Huerta Visits CPMC

On Friday, Dolores Huerta visited workers at San Francisco's California Pacific Medical Center to voice her support for NUHW. Huerta is the co-founder, along with Cesar Chavez, of the United Farm Workers union and a nationally recognized civil rights leader. As one worker said: "SEIU brought an Easter bunny. And NUHW brought Dolores Huerta."

That pretty much says it all!

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It's Official: Raynor is out.

According to Ben Smith ( SEIU will make a formal announcement on Brucie's departure today. The noise you hear is the murmur of pity from working America.


You really got played by Andy, Anna and MK. Thanks for the laughs.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

In more Michigan News...Maybe another Trusteeship?

From a reader,"Apparently Marge Faville isn't indespensible. In an attempt to get Techs to engage with them, SEIU organizers have begun telling them that the SEIU is considering getting rid of Marge. I wonder if Marge knows. I doubt that this is an honest statement, though I'm sure SEIU would throw Marge under the bus to avoid an all out exodus to NUHW."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SEIU's Michigan Corruption -- Round II

In case you're wondering why healthcare workers in Michigan are organizing to join NUHW, check out this leaflet (see below). Union members say they can't get a return call from SEIU Healthcare Michigan, but that's because the local's president, Marge Faville, is so busy hiring all of her relatives and putting fistfulls of cash in her pockets.

First, there's the $160,000 in pay she got in 2010. Then there's the union-paid SUV that costs $47,242. On top of that is the union-paid corporate apartment that cost $17,600. And then there's the $163,732 that the local paid to Marge's daughter, son and neice last year. Not a bad year for Marge, who also sits on SEIU's International Executive Board.

Of course, it wasn't such a good a year for the local's members: more than 75% of the local's 55,000 members are homecare workers who earn only $8 an hour.

Looks like Marge has followed in the famous footsteps of her predecessor, Rickman Jackson. Readers might recall that Rickman was ousted from the local's presidency after the Los Angeles Times revealed he'd stolen more than $33,000 from low-waged homecare workers in California.
B/t/w, while Rickman was in Michigan, Tasty hears he was a big spender with the local's credit card. Tasty wonders if Marge, too, will soon be assigned to a high-paying job in the Purple Palace in DC! Is there room for another desk in the Secretary-Treasurer's office??

It's Love!

Jonpaul's countless pleas for "love" have finally been answered!

A reader sent this photo from San Francisco's California Pacific Medical Center showing SEIU staffer Jonpaul McLellan parading through the hospital with an Easter Bunny in a matching purple shirt. Congrats!

The Easter Bunny is SEIU's latest and lamest attempt to win support from workers who'll start voting next week in an NLRB mail-in ballot. The NLRB will mail the ballots on April 25 and the vote count is scheduled for May 10. Hospital management has thrown its full support behind SEIU and has let SEIU flood the facility with organizers and "lost-timers" from across the state. Meanwhile, SEIU is bombarding workers with purple mailers, robo-calls, email blasts, leaflets... even candy from a f*cking bunny.

Workers have been waiting for this election for a long, long time. SEIU, which claims to be an advocate for "employee free choice," has blocked the election for more than two years because it didn't have workers' support. Right after the trusteeship, SEIU organizers teamed up with the hospital's H.R. officials to target its own members, suspending the union's Chief Steward because she supported NUHW.

Tasty predicts that Jonpaul will soon have lots of time to experience all the thrills of riding public transport with his furry friend.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jonpaul the Nutbag?

Looks like the head honchos at SEIU and Sutter Health's California Pacific Medical Center were none too pleased with SEIU Organizer Jonpaul McLellan's freaky twitter account. After Tasty posted some of his tweets, Jonpaul's account suddenly disappeared from the world wide web.

But don't worry, Readers! Jonpaul was smart enough to post lots of freaky videos of himself on another site. And you guessed it... Jonpaul's videos reveal an abnormal fascination with his reproductive organ --- the same one that apparently gets stimulated by public transportation (ewwww). Check out this 26-second video. Or his blog where he describes himself as an artist, and hopes you will follow him and give him some "love."

For those interested in meeting Jonpaul in person, you can find him wandering through the patient-care units of California Pacific Medical Center with a hospital-issued photo ID badge!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jonpaul the Tweeter, yuck.

Turns out that proud Sutter badge holder and SEIU organizer Jonpaul McLellan has some serious exhibitionist tendencies. Not only does he like to pose for photos with his Sutter-issued photo-ID badge, he also has a Twitter account where he chronicles his work as a "spy" and "stalker" for SEIU. JonPaul even posts photos of his SEIU-paid hotel room and discusses his various states of sexual arousal. According to Jonpaul, he was hired in July to work on the Kaiser election campaign and then was assigned to California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, where SEIU has stalled the election for more than two years (btw, workers will finally get their election later this month!). CPMC officials may want to rethink their decision to let this guy wander their hospital with a company-issued badge that gives him access its patients, facilities and private areas. And if you happen to see JonPaul on CPMC's shuttle bus, look out! Here are some of Jonpaul's tweets: July 12: I might have a job?? July 12: Hey men, public transportation and hard ons don't mix well. I'm just saying. July 25: Packing for Oakland. July 25: Holy Shit! I'm in CA! July 26: I'm working the phone banks for SEIU UHW July 27: My first hotel room (SEE PHOTO ) August 8: Do you know the way to San Jose? Cause that's where I am. Nov 30: Today at work I got to be a spy, an agitator, a gopher, a chauffeur, a stalker and a cheerleader. Jan 23: I'm texting in the movie theater because I'm the only one here. Maybe I should take off my pants and relax?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sutter Sides with SEIU-UHW

...and gives them the badges to prove it.

Hey JonPaul, Tasty was a young blogger once and highly recommends this site for you.

Scott Courtney's Tropical Paradise

Remember Scott Courtney? He is currently the highest paid staff member (not elected official) at SEIU making $ 204,750 in '09. That's a lotta paper, but Tasty is sure that Scott is great at his gig as Organizing Director and is very committed to conserving dues. Or...maybe not? It seems that Scott has left DC and has relocated with his lady friend (and subordinate employee) Joyce Moscato to Clearwater, Florida. Must be so silly for them to live down there, when they have to fly all over the place! Scott must need every penny of the 200g to pay for all his personal flights---unless... Oh, yes. Scott makes the staff fly down to him! At his house! Hundreds of miles from the office in DC! In fact, sources say that Scott had a 3 day meeting (on very short notice) at his place in November where attendees included staff members from "Scott's inner circle and other people, mainly researchers, a lot of them people who work in DC." Tasty hope those staffers really like Palm Trees...because Scott seems to hate the fancy office in DC that SEIU's members bought for him.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Raynor Resigns as Amalgamated Bank's Chairman.

Guess that's what happens when you are accused of financial misdeeds. Story here.

Amado Brings those Skillz to Michigan

Tasty hears that SEIU officials are flipping out about Michigan workers' petitions to decert SEIU and join NUHW.

So last week, SEIU's head honchos sent SEIU trusteeship staffer Amado David from California to Michigan to sit in the hospital's cafeteria and try to convince workers to stay in SEIU.

Amado and a boatload of SEIU International organizers phone-banked and house-visited workers and invited them to attend a special SEIU meeting. So how many workers turned out? Exactly 4.

Way to go, Michigan workers!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Raynor's Game: Changing the Union's name so many times to keep his members working?

Well, isn't this Raynor stuff fun? To recap: Bruce Raynor merges "his" union UNITE with HERE in 2004, it's a disaster. He drags "his" members to SEIU, who it turns out really only wants him for "his" money. Lawsuits and de-certifications follow. The drama seems to calm down and settlements are made, mostly in the favor of HERE. Then Andy Stern leaves SEIU, Raynor makes an error and supports Anna Berger for President. She loses. Mary Kay Henry wins. Anna leaves. And now Mary Kay is making it her job to get rid of the most significant SEIU leaders who supported Anna. Like Stephen Lerner (note: current Stephen status is that he is still on SEIU payroll, and he is NOT doing any work for them. Good work if you can get it. He is, however, still making waves.) So, now Mary Kay has decided to get rid of Bruce Raynor, who is now an EVP at SEIU and "President" of Workers United (the current name for ILWGU/ACTWU/UNITE). So, how does MK try to get rid of Raynor? Tasty imagines she has a serious talk with him about "his" role. And he told her to shove it, he wasn't going anywhere. So, she decides to take him out the old fashioned way: character assassination. So, boom, the E-board starts investigating Raynor's expenses and rumor has it that MK hires a private investigator. And wouldn't you know it but he expensed some dinners that he should not have! What's a union president to do except issue a press release and mention that he had these dinners with a "female" staff member? (Cuz' see, Raynor said they were with a male colleague, but they weren't. Cuz' he was having an affair with this female colleague. See her pictured, above.) Shit Raynor, you screw over your members, your union colleagues and you cheat on your wife? Barf, dude. You suck. From the NYTs: The charges accuse Mr. Raynor of falsely stating that he had 10 meals, costing $186 to $275, with a male union lawyer instead of the person he had actually dined with: Alex Dagg, a female executive vice president of Workers United and one of its Canadian directors. The charges call for ousting him from his Workers United and S.E.I.U. posts, and state that he had falsified union records and made improper personal expenses. Mr. Raynor said he did not list Ms. Dagg’s name, as he had often done before, because S.E.I.U. officials had told her not to involve him in efforts to negotiate a settlement to the nasty turf war in Canada between Workers United and Unite Here. “By not putting her name down, I was simply protecting her from political retaliation,” he said. But I know what you readers are thinking-- Raynor is only accused of misspending about $2000! Bruce's total compensation last year was $335,044. He could have just paid back the money if they didn't like the expenses, which were worth about $200 each--he just said the dinners were with someone they were not with. "I mean, Tasty," you say, "TYRONE FREEMAN STOLE A MILLION DOLLARS!" And to you readers Tasty says: This is SEIU. It ain't ever about real corruption or real standards for leaders. It's about power and politics. And a number of readers say that this affair was well known, making Raynor pretty vulnerable. Drama! Tasty has the most job security of any blogger in the whole wide world. And today a tipster says: "WORKERS UNITED to vote on this Wednesday to leave SEIU! Raynor has the votes to leave!!!!!!!!"