Thursday, April 21, 2011

SEIU's Michigan Corruption -- Round II

In case you're wondering why healthcare workers in Michigan are organizing to join NUHW, check out this leaflet (see below). Union members say they can't get a return call from SEIU Healthcare Michigan, but that's because the local's president, Marge Faville, is so busy hiring all of her relatives and putting fistfulls of cash in her pockets.

First, there's the $160,000 in pay she got in 2010. Then there's the union-paid SUV that costs $47,242. On top of that is the union-paid corporate apartment that cost $17,600. And then there's the $163,732 that the local paid to Marge's daughter, son and neice last year. Not a bad year for Marge, who also sits on SEIU's International Executive Board.

Of course, it wasn't such a good a year for the local's members: more than 75% of the local's 55,000 members are homecare workers who earn only $8 an hour.

Looks like Marge has followed in the famous footsteps of her predecessor, Rickman Jackson. Readers might recall that Rickman was ousted from the local's presidency after the Los Angeles Times revealed he'd stolen more than $33,000 from low-waged homecare workers in California.
B/t/w, while Rickman was in Michigan, Tasty hears he was a big spender with the local's credit card. Tasty wonders if Marge, too, will soon be assigned to a high-paying job in the Purple Palace in DC! Is there room for another desk in the Secretary-Treasurer's office??