Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jonpaul the Tweeter, yuck.

Turns out that proud Sutter badge holder and SEIU organizer Jonpaul McLellan has some serious exhibitionist tendencies. Not only does he like to pose for photos with his Sutter-issued photo-ID badge, he also has a Twitter account where he chronicles his work as a "spy" and "stalker" for SEIU. JonPaul even posts photos of his SEIU-paid hotel room and discusses his various states of sexual arousal. According to Jonpaul, he was hired in July to work on the Kaiser election campaign and then was assigned to California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, where SEIU has stalled the election for more than two years (btw, workers will finally get their election later this month!). CPMC officials may want to rethink their decision to let this guy wander their hospital with a company-issued badge that gives him access its patients, facilities and private areas. And if you happen to see JonPaul on CPMC's shuttle bus, look out! Here are some of Jonpaul's tweets: July 12: I might have a job?? July 12: Hey men, public transportation and hard ons don't mix well. I'm just saying. July 25: Packing for Oakland. July 25: Holy Shit! I'm in CA! July 26: I'm working the phone banks for SEIU UHW July 27: My first hotel room (SEE PHOTO ) August 8: Do you know the way to San Jose? Cause that's where I am. Nov 30: Today at work I got to be a spy, an agitator, a gopher, a chauffeur, a stalker and a cheerleader. Jan 23: I'm texting in the movie theater because I'm the only one here. Maybe I should take off my pants and relax?