Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Ok, Here is the Good News..."

A member who was sitting next to Joe Simoes, the new UHW Kaiser division chief and former HERE member activist (!), during the Kaiser vote count has shared the story of Joe's call in to Zombie HQ to report the results. (As previously reported, Joe was the lone Zombie at the count.)

His call went something like this:

Joe: Hey, I have the results of the vote count.
Zombie on the Phone: Ok. What happened?
Joe: I have good news and bad news. What do you want first?
Zombie on the Phone: Good.
Joe: Well, we got more votes than we did in Santa Rosa. But we got killed.

Well, it is true that SEIU did get more than 13 votes in the Kaiser election!

ps There was also some concern that Joe is the proud owner of a shitzu. Apparently those who know the breed insist that shitzus, by nature, are deeply pro-NUHW.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Look in the Mirror, Dude.

Andy Stern was all pissed about certain Senators (Lieberman and Nelson) not being in favor of the Employee Free Choice Act. So in an interview with Bloomberg News he called them "terrorists."

Tasty happens to agree that those Senators are WRONG on this issue, Tasty would advise Andy Stern to look up the definition of "terrorist."

If Andy thinks the definition of 'terrorist' is voting no on a bill, he is wrong.

If Andy thinks that the definition of 'terrorist' is blocking workers from exercising a fair and efficient way to vote for a union...well, then Mr. Stern, we should get you a bed in Gitmo!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your Ass is on the Line, Zombies.

Remember when Kaiser workers cleaned SEIU's clock on Tuesday? Check out the LA Times article on the election:

Kaiser Permanente workers vote to split from giant Service Employees International Union

January 26, 2010 | 5:25 pm

Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers throughout Southern California have voted overwhelmingly to quit the giant Service Employees International Union and join a smaller rival union, according to election results released today.

The National Labor Relations Board, which tallied secret-ballot votes cast earlier this month, said that about 2,000 nurses and care professionals voted more than 6 to 1 in favor of ditching the SEIU and affiliating with the rival National Union of Healthcare Workers, a breakaway faction that is challenging the SEIU’s dominance.


And then read the comments, including this one:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, on behalf of the 81 organizers brought in from all corners "we apologize", Dave Regan and Anna Burger have threatened our livelihoods for the last time.

We were weak, we all believe in the labor movement, however, after 57 of us have been "laid off, pending review" we seek forgiveness.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, NUHW

If you were wondering what to get Red for it's very first birthday--the answer is cash.

It's clearly a good investment.

Donate here TODAY.

One Year Later...

Oy...remember last year at this time? What a bummer it was for staff and members, alike. There was hope about a different kind of union and leaving SEIU behind, but SEIU did seem big and powerful and focused on beating down the insurrection.

But we didn't fall apart, they did.

With the members of UHW.
With politicians.
With other unions.
With their raid of UniteHere.
With members in many other locals.
With local union presidents.
With their staff.
With their finances.
With their communications.
With the academic community.

And while NUHW had really no resources, it had something way better. All of us. Big salute to the staff who have really not been paid in nearly a year! Big salute to the members who have stepped up and run this fight! Big salute to the supporters from other organizations who have begun to see this fight as a larger struggle for a labor movement that actually moves.

Check out these more detailed one-year-later-s:

Adios, Andy!
Beyond Chron (bottom part of the post)

PS And we have awesome blogs! Unlike SEIU, which only has this loser.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kaiser Results: Final for All 3 units.

Is this what an old school ass whipping feels like? I guess we'll have to ask SEIU.


NUHW: 746
SEIU: 36
No Union: 3
Void: 1


NUHW: 717
SEIU: 192
No Union: 7


NUHW: 189
SEIU: 29
No Union: 13
Void: 2
Challenge: 3

Big Congrats to the Kaiser members who worked so hard, and are bravely leading the way!

Zombies put out hilarious press release on today's humiliation.

Statement on Kaiser Union Election in Southern California

Oakland, CA - Following the announcement of the union election results for Kaiser Permanente nurses, psych-social workers, and professionals in Southern California, Steve Trossman, communications director of the Service Employees International Union - United Healthcare Workers-West (SEIU-UHW), issued the following statement: (Tasty's note: What? No members in an SEIU press release? Shocker!)

"While today's election results are disappointing, the fact is only about 2,600 SEIU-UHW members have chosen NUHW over the past year, in contrast to more than 55,000 SEIU members who have chosen to stay united in our union. (Tasty's note: Trossman doesn't know what 'chosen' means.)

"What's more, NUHW is seeking to stop union elections for nearly 5,000 hospital, nursing home, and home care members at 42 facilities because they know if the elections take place they will lose. Although the National Labor Relations Board, SEIU-UHW, and several of the employers have all agreed to election dates in early February, NUHW has refused to enter into the agreements. (Tasty's note: puh-lease.)

"The bulk of SEIU-UHW's 50,000 Kaiser members are now launching the largest and most active contract campaign in history with the full support of the union's 150,000 California health care members. SEIU-UHW members at Kaiser are also part of the 100,000-member Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, and expect to be at the bargaining table this spring as part of the coalition to negotiate a new national agreement. (Tasty's note: yay, Kaiser workers, your contract is almost open! Time to join the SoCal pros!)

"Meanwhile, NUHW has put these workers at grave risk because they will no longer be part of the Kaiser coalition and will have to try to bargain a contract on their own."

# # #

Joe Simoes drew the short straw!

Joe Simoes, who Tasty hears is the new Kaiser Division Head, is the only Zombie who SEIU sent to the vote count today.

I guess SEIU didn't think today's count would be very 'energizing' for the little Zombies.

Maybe he should have brought his puppy to help!


The count has begun.

check out: for a live blog.

Ask Andy Stern A Question!

He is going to be on at noon! Top Line with Rick Klein... CONTACT THEM ASAP.

@kevinmaddendc via Twitter

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kaiser Vote Count Tomorrow at 9am

Results will be posted ASAP.

Kaiser and Zombie SEIU worked to have the ballots held and not counted, by filing charges with the NLRB. For once the NLRB put on it's big boy pants and refused their bidding.

Hopefully they will free the ballots of the Tarzana EVS workers and allow voting for all of these elections, soon.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Minor Miracle: SEIU 221 Members' complaints are heard!

In a surprising turn of events, Andy Stern actually listened to union members about the sketchy situation with the resignation and severance for SEIU 221 President Sharon-Frances Moore!

Stern received a number of complaints from Local 221's members (great work 221 members!) about a $107,000 severance package that his appointee, Sharon-Frances Moore, recently got when she resigned her job as the President of Local 221, as well as a consulting gig that Local 221 gave her for the next 60 days or so.

With growing publicity around these issues, Stern issued a letter announcing that he's appointing UHW Trustee Eliseo Medina (oh jeez, this guy again?) as his personal representative (along with SEIU Organizing Coordinator Ray Dzialo) "to assist Local 221 in meeting its internal needs (including investigation of these allegations), and to attend local union meetings." Stern also writes: "I counsel the Local 221 officers and Executive Board not to execute or implement the challenged payments and contract at this time."

Stay tuned, though Tasty doesn't have a whole hell of a lot of confidence in Eliseo to correct any wrongs...

More info on the fight to save Local 221 here and here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

NUHW achieves clear majority at SRMH

One step closer!

Check out full coverage on Adios, Andy! and Sonoma County's Red Revolt.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy Fred Feinstein

Check out this article about a University of Maryland professor who wrote a letter to UHW members about the "legal" risks involved in leaving SEIU for NUHW.

This leaflet went out widely at UHW facilities. But with SEIU, you know there has to be a twist!

  • This dude isn't even a full professor at the U of Maryland!
  • He isn't allowed to put out "legal opinions" on the U of Maryland letterhead!
  • His "legal opinion" is misleading, making it propaganda, not fact. (aka it's what Tasty's mom classifies as a 'lie.')
  • He got paid by SEIU to write it! In fact, between '07 and '08 Freddy got paid $240,000 of SEIU member's dues dollars!

Ooopsie, you lost your credibility Fred!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

But Before Sharon-Frances split...

She assigned her Organizing Director, Dequasia Gardner, to fight NUHW at Tarzana Medical Center in SoCal!

And while Dequasia has been busy blocking the vote count of the EVS workers and threatening members about dues payments, it appears that this Organizing Director has not organized ANY NON-UNION WORKERS since becoming Local 221! It appears that the only new members were gained by gobbling up another small independent union of city workers--200 of them, in more than 3 years.

Well, it seems that Dequasia lacks as an organizer...But Tasty does see that Dequasia loves animals! Maybe Dequasia would be more successful working at a Vet's office. Though it probably won't pay the 6 figure salary that Local 221 members reported paying Ms. Gardner in '08.

And Another One Bites the Dust...

Sharon-Francis Moore (you have heard about her before from Perez Stern) is some hack that Andy Stern reportedly met at a cocktail party in Manhattan. He was so impressed with her work with the Girl Scouts and rebuilding one of the fanciest parts of NYC (Tribeca) post 9-11--THAT HE GAVE HER A LOCAL TO RUN.

This is old news, but let's recap: Andy Stern met a woman who seemed dynamic, but had no union experience. No years as a member, no experience with grievances, no practice of labor law, no rank and file support and no years on staff. And he appointed her to be the President of SEIU Local 221, a new local in the California consolidation. If one were asked for an example of the lack of union democracy here at SEIU, well it would be hard to top this.

And guess what? She quit! And got a $107,000 severance package! Who gets severance for quitting?

Unless something else is up... According to an email from Monty Reed Kroopin, a 221 reformer, the deal went down at the E-board meeting this week. The severance agreement was made behind closed doors, but as Monty puts it, "Members are questioning if the severance package deal is "hush money" and asking if the union's officials are trying to avoid another major press scandal over allegations of misuse of union funds."

Check out more info about her and the charges filed with SEIU and the Dept. of Labor, on a blog run by members of Local 221 who want to reform their local.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going On in Cali...

Tasty's Facebook wall has been buzzing about the latest SEIU antics. A smattering of what the Zombies are up to...
  • O'Connor members in San Jose got a lump sum pay out and some workers got more than $270 in dues taken out. Twice.
  • Dequasia Gardner, Zombie rep, is in Tarzana Hospital threatening to have workers fired if they don't pay dues. (Members do have to pay dues when under a contract that obligates them to do it...but threatening people in their work area does not win you fans!)
  • Henry Fernandez at Lakewood Regional Medical Center told members that they can not file grievances without a union staff member's approval--even stewards can not!
  • 2 NUHW supporters (at St. Louise Regional Medical Center in Gilroy) Kristi Murillo, an ER registrar, and Laquita Centeno were turned down for a new job as an Urgent Care Clerk, even though they had more seniority than the member who got the job. And guess what the Zombie UHW did about it? NADA. The new SEIU appointed chief shop steward said that the hospital doesn't have to use seniority for new positions and wouldn't even try to help out the long term staff-the position went to someone hand picked by the boss. It is easy for the employer when the Zombies are asleep at the wheel!
  • An SEIU staff member reported to Tasty that staff who are still in California are totally bummed out and everyday people gather to discuss what other unions are hiring. Even Zombies know that being a Zombie blows...
Report what you are hearing out there to

Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK, Jr. Day

At a press conference before his assassination in 1968, King said: “It isn’t enough to integrate lunch counters. … What is the profit in being able to eat at an integrated lunch counter if one doesn’t earn enough money to even buy a hamburger and a cup of coffee?”

Friday, January 15, 2010

Steve Trossman admits that he is 'losing his mind,' which is the first step to dealing with your problem.

Remember the egg throwing picket in LA this fall?

Check out the following email chain, which proves once again that brain cells are in super short supply in Zombieland. The emails show how Gloria Fauss, zombie UHW's Acting Political Director, asked Oliver Gottfried, the Political Field Director for the SEIU California State Council, to help recruit LA-based SEIU locals to picket the offices of the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) last month.

Funny thing is, the 50,000-member UTLA is a one of the most powerful unions in LA and (until recently) worked closely with SEIU Local 99 because both unions represent employees at the massive Los Angeles Unified School District. That's why it wasn't too strategic for Local 99's leadership to send staff to picket the UTLA and pelt a UTLA Vice President with eggs. If Tasty was paying dues to Local 99, Tasty would prefer them to focus on helping members win MORE in bargaining, not LESS because my union staff threw eggs at the other union's leadership!

The email includes instructions that staffers can sing civil rights anthem "This Little Light of Mine" more than once. Is that because they are better singers than organizers?

Additionally, UHW zombie staffer and former SEIU Communications Director Steve Trossman has finally told the truth about something! Trossman is the guy who, reportedly, helped develop a strategy in 2002 to cover up reports about Tyrone Freeman's corruption so as "to keep the allegations from embarrassing SEIU..." In 2008, when the LA Times asked Trossman about SEIU's reported cover-up, Trossman told the paper: "I don't remember exactly what happened."

Maybe because he is "losing his mind?"

FROM: Gloria Fauss []
TO: Oliver Gottfried; Galing Gaddy, Samantha; Gerry Vaughan;;; Frank Torres
SUBJECT: RE: Info on L.A. picket

LA picket is on the Nov 17

Gloria Fauss
Acting Political Director

From: Oliver Gottfried []
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 2:37 PM
To: Gloria Fauss; Galing Gaddy, Samantha; Gerry Vaughan;;;
Subject: FW: Info on L.A. picket

FYI...see below.
From: Gloria Fauss []
Sent: Thu 11/12/2009 2:35 PM
To: Oliver Gottfried
Subject: FW: Info on L.A. picket

Hi Oliver,

Here are the details of picket at NUHW fundraiser in LA. SF coming soon. Can you send them to appropriate LA locals.

Gloria Fauss
Acting Political Director

From: Steve Trossman
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 2:31 PM
To: Gloria Fauss
Subject: RE: Info on L.A. picket

I’m losing my mind…


“Shine a Light of Truth on NUHW”


6 pm – Staff arrival and set up on BERENDO.
6:10 pm – Program Leader meets with member-greeters, chant leaders, monitors, etc. to go over plan and program. (Program leader will handle the flow of the event, move it along, kick-off speak out, etc.)
6:15 pm – Members arrive, get their signs, chant sheets, etc., begin picketing and chanting as soon as possible.
6:20 pm – Program leader kicks off with intro and CALL-OUT and response.
6:30 pm –MC introduces and leads “speak out.” (3-5 workers) Make sure picketing continues.
6:45 pm – (NOT PROGRAM) Very small group of members (3-4) go inside event to speak with attendees (mingle), then one person attempts to address the group.
6:45 pm – Song – “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”—our version.

Continue chanting, singing (can sign song more than once), picketing, until 7:15 pm.


UTLA is at 3303 Wilshire Blvd., West of downtown. It is on the North side of the street. The main entrance is on Wilshire but most people will enter from the rear of the building. Behind the building is a “private” alley and then the UTLA Plaza parking garage. We will most likely not be able to man the doors very well. See attached maps.

Logistics/stationing – we need someone in charge of “garage” staffing and flow, and “street” staffing and flow.

Garage staffing – outside of garage, far side of the entrance that the cars will take; also run shifts of people inside the garage to try and engage with attendees, leaflet cars, etc.

Street staffing – Berendo street on both sides of alley, maybe down to garage entrance; run shifts of people into the alley to the door; cover front with a few people just in case. Have 2 very powerful lights to shine on people and “misdeeds” listed on visual (need people for this too).

Steve Trossman
(213) 300-1882 (c)
(323) 888-8144 (o)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dave hopes that UHW members have developed Stockholm Syndrome. But it seems the staff hasn't!

Whoa! Seems like Dave is feeling like it might be election time at Zombie UHW! No, no, not NLRB elections, internal union elections!

Does Dave think the members of UHW are excited to elect their captor? He must think so, because word on the street is that Dave is asking Trustees and Deputy Trustees to pony up big money for the campaign. Reportedly, Dave asked Deputy Trustee (and all around suck-up) Keisha Steward to contribute FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

And you know what Keisha said? Nope.

Even a woman who followed Amado out the door and was appointed Deputy Trustee in return won't write a check! Tasty thinks Keisha ought to know where her bread is buttered.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If only...

So many of you loved Nathan Diebenow's satirical piece about Jane Hamsher slamming the healthcare bill and Andy Stern!

Alas, only in the world of satire has Jane had started publicly decrying Pinky Scarfadero!

But since Jane is the topic here are some real true stories about her, and many of them mention the 'break up:'

Jane and Grover Norquist call for Rahm Emmanuel's Resignation

Jane urges Susan G Komen to dump Leiberman's wife as ambassador

Jane says: dump the whole healthcare bill

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey, who hasn't dated a loser?

Check out (Andy Stern's ex) Jane Hamsher's letter on the blog True/Slant's Dear God column.

In this letter Jane talks about how stressful and upsetting the health care debate is, and how she is refocused on single payer activism.

And it seems like she is seeing the error of her ways:

"I didn’t know if the world turned upside down or my moral compass lost its magnetism. That’s what I get for sleeping with Andy Stern, I guess."

While it might be hard to forget all those hateful things that Jane said about UHW's former leadership, let's keep an eye on her and see if she can indeed get her moral compass back on track.

Monday, January 11, 2010

SEIU demands votes for workers who agree with SEIU, only.

The takes the cake.

It hasn't been picked up by any news media (as far as Tasty can tell), on Friday SEIU pulled its least honest move since the trusteeship itself. SEIU has apparently learned that the NLRB is getting ready to dismiss all of the bogus charges that SEIU has used for nearly a year to block elections for tens of thousands of California healthcare workers.

In an effort to try to dictate the schedule of the decert elections, Zombie UHW put out a press release announcing its willingness to drop the false charges at just 26 of the more than 100 facilities where workers are trying to leave SEIU/Zombie UHW.

Why 26? Well, SEIU only wants to drop the charges at facilities where they think they have a possibility of winning more than 13 votes! Even though these "blocking charges" are the same for every facility, they want to cherry-pick where the workers can vote. Coming off the heels of embarrassing loses at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and awaiting a loss with Southern California Kaiser Professionals. SEIU has to rely on the only approach that has worked so far: manipulating the weak NLRB.

The US Chamber of Commerce has long claimed that the NLRB is controlled by unions, and if the the NLRB in Oakland allows SEIU to manipulate the process and deny certain workers the right to vote--well Tasty thinks it will look like the Chamber was right! Not good for the labor movement, but what is new about that? Nada.

But take heart: the 26 facilities that SEIU has singled-out represent about 4,000 workers, or less than 10% of the 50,000 workers still waiting to vote out the Zombies. That means that SEIU knows that it has little chance of winning elections at more than 90% of the units. Now those are odds we can feel good about!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mike Lauer...SRMH lead organizer, where are you now?

Tasty gets a lot of emails about SEIU staff, but workers and NUHW volunteers alike have been dropping hints about Mike Lauer for a while now...Mike led the fight at SRMH and is just another Scott Courtney/Dave Regan Ohioan.

But where is Mike post SRMH? Still going over the lists trying to find the extra 270 votes SEIU needs to tie that election up?

And who is Mike's special lady friend? Word has it that she is also a Zombie...Let me know at

UPDATE: Check out Adios Andy for Lauer update, seems he is in Salinas...still no positive ID on his lady friend.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet the New Zombie Communications Director

Ben Smith's Blog on Politico carried a long post on SEIU and its latest mis-steps in losing the war Andy picked with Unite/Here. It is pretty comprehensive, and Tasty will let Ben handle the complicated details.

But do give it a read to discover how Michelle Ringuette, crisis communications aficionado, tries to make it seem like SEIU has it totally under control, and how she wishes the Unite/Here would just focus on organizing as opposed to being "fixated on fighting with us." As if, Michelle.

Anyhow, the blog posting also includes an internal memo in which Unite/Here president John Wilhelm mentions that a number of high level staff have left Workers United and are floating around the labor movement, including Ms. Amanda Cooper.

Amanda was the Communications Director of Unite/Here and is now the communications Director of Zombie UHW!! Hey Amanda! Welcome back to your home state of California. Sorry that you went from the Communications Director of a major international union to cleaning up Andy and Anna's mess in California. Kind of a demotion, huh?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NUHW's votes are coming in!

A Kaiser pro worker reports that she got her ballot in the mail today and has already mailed it in. The first vote for NUHW is in!

Well, no sooner did I speak to each of you and send these instructions, did I receive my ballot! So easy: check NUHW on the blue card; place in the blue envelop and seal; place in the yellow envelope and seal, and sign across the seal. Drove straight over to the PO to mail. Had I been a little quicker, could have handed right back to my mail lady.

Tasty is impressed and hopes everyone is as efficient as this soon-to-be NUHW member!

Kaiser Ballots go out Today, RNs Vote Tomorrow and Thursday, Zombies swarm.

Which makes Tasty think....If SEIU sent a couple of hundred staff to Santa Rosa, and kept 40 (?) full time...and get 13 many Zombie will SEIU be sending to annoy Kaiser Professionals?

If they want to win, they need around 1200 votes. If 40=13 votes, then I guess we should plan on seeing around 3700 SEIU staffers in So Cal! Zombie-palooza!

Tasty is pretty sure that there are not even 3700 staff organizers in the UNITED STATES. So, Andy, if you can think of any other unions that still like SEIU, start dialing. You have a lot of borrowing to do!

Good Luck, Kaiser Workers.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scott Silber Continues to Make Kaiser Cafeterias a "Democracy Free Zone" as directed by the Zombie Campaign Manual

Tasty has received so many emails about Scott Silber it is almost hilarious. Except of course for the fact that Scott has been described to Tasty as "naive," "burnt out" and "all talk, no action." Of course, Tasty has no idea if those assessments are true, but Tasty did get passed this excerpt of an email from a Kaiser Pro. Looks like Scott is now calling security guards on SEIU's own members for simply talking with their own co-workers about their upcoming NLRB election:

Wanted to let you know that I ran into Scott [Silber] (SEIU rep) today at [Kaiser] West LA facility in the RD's office. I had gone there during my lunch to meet up with the RDs during their lunch. Scott claimed I can not campaign on Kaiser property and at some point called Security on me.-I was on my lunch in the cafeteria talking to the other RDs of my chapter on their lunch!!!-I explained to the security that I am an employee of Kaiser and am on my lunch - so are my co-workers. Scott from SEIU claims he is the union rep and can wander around and barge into any one's office or work area at anytime[... ]In any event the security left me alone-the RD was already done talking to me and had returned. Not sure where Scott ended up. I filled up my cup with water and went to the H R office to report him. The director was not there but I was able to leave her a voice mail. I will make sure I make her aware of our rights as members to meet and engage (I have a copy of Labor Relations e-mail).

Tasty is voting for Scott for Best Zombie Hall Monitor. Trying to stop workers from talking to each other seems like really going above and beyond the call of duty! Someone make this man Director of the Kaiser Division!