Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And Another One Bites the Dust...

Sharon-Francis Moore (you have heard about her before from Perez Stern) is some hack that Andy Stern reportedly met at a cocktail party in Manhattan. He was so impressed with her work with the Girl Scouts and rebuilding one of the fanciest parts of NYC (Tribeca) post 9-11--THAT HE GAVE HER A LOCAL TO RUN.

This is old news, but let's recap: Andy Stern met a woman who seemed dynamic, but had no union experience. No years as a member, no experience with grievances, no practice of labor law, no rank and file support and no years on staff. And he appointed her to be the President of SEIU Local 221, a new local in the California consolidation. If one were asked for an example of the lack of union democracy here at SEIU, well it would be hard to top this.

And guess what? She quit! And got a $107,000 severance package! Who gets severance for quitting?

Unless something else is up... According to an email from Monty Reed Kroopin, a 221 reformer, the deal went down at the E-board meeting this week. The severance agreement was made behind closed doors, but as Monty puts it, "Members are questioning if the severance package deal is "hush money" and asking if the union's officials are trying to avoid another major press scandal over allegations of misuse of union funds."

Check out more info about her and the charges filed with SEIU and the Dept. of Labor, on a blog run by members of Local 221 who want to reform their local.