Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Year Later...

Oy...remember last year at this time? What a bummer it was for staff and members, alike. There was hope about a different kind of union and leaving SEIU behind, but SEIU did seem big and powerful and focused on beating down the insurrection.

But we didn't fall apart, they did.

With the members of UHW.
With politicians.
With other unions.
With their raid of UniteHere.
With members in many other locals.
With local union presidents.
With their staff.
With their finances.
With their communications.
With the academic community.

And while NUHW had really no resources, it had something way better. All of us. Big salute to the staff who have really not been paid in nearly a year! Big salute to the members who have stepped up and run this fight! Big salute to the supporters from other organizations who have begun to see this fight as a larger struggle for a labor movement that actually moves.

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PS And we have awesome blogs! Unlike SEIU, which only has this loser.