Monday, January 11, 2010

SEIU demands votes for workers who agree with SEIU, only.

The takes the cake.

It hasn't been picked up by any news media (as far as Tasty can tell), on Friday SEIU pulled its least honest move since the trusteeship itself. SEIU has apparently learned that the NLRB is getting ready to dismiss all of the bogus charges that SEIU has used for nearly a year to block elections for tens of thousands of California healthcare workers.

In an effort to try to dictate the schedule of the decert elections, Zombie UHW put out a press release announcing its willingness to drop the false charges at just 26 of the more than 100 facilities where workers are trying to leave SEIU/Zombie UHW.

Why 26? Well, SEIU only wants to drop the charges at facilities where they think they have a possibility of winning more than 13 votes! Even though these "blocking charges" are the same for every facility, they want to cherry-pick where the workers can vote. Coming off the heels of embarrassing loses at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and awaiting a loss with Southern California Kaiser Professionals. SEIU has to rely on the only approach that has worked so far: manipulating the weak NLRB.

The US Chamber of Commerce has long claimed that the NLRB is controlled by unions, and if the the NLRB in Oakland allows SEIU to manipulate the process and deny certain workers the right to vote--well Tasty thinks it will look like the Chamber was right! Not good for the labor movement, but what is new about that? Nada.

But take heart: the 26 facilities that SEIU has singled-out represent about 4,000 workers, or less than 10% of the 50,000 workers still waiting to vote out the Zombies. That means that SEIU knows that it has little chance of winning elections at more than 90% of the units. Now those are odds we can feel good about!