Friday, January 15, 2010

Steve Trossman admits that he is 'losing his mind,' which is the first step to dealing with your problem.

Remember the egg throwing picket in LA this fall?

Check out the following email chain, which proves once again that brain cells are in super short supply in Zombieland. The emails show how Gloria Fauss, zombie UHW's Acting Political Director, asked Oliver Gottfried, the Political Field Director for the SEIU California State Council, to help recruit LA-based SEIU locals to picket the offices of the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) last month.

Funny thing is, the 50,000-member UTLA is a one of the most powerful unions in LA and (until recently) worked closely with SEIU Local 99 because both unions represent employees at the massive Los Angeles Unified School District. That's why it wasn't too strategic for Local 99's leadership to send staff to picket the UTLA and pelt a UTLA Vice President with eggs. If Tasty was paying dues to Local 99, Tasty would prefer them to focus on helping members win MORE in bargaining, not LESS because my union staff threw eggs at the other union's leadership!

The email includes instructions that staffers can sing civil rights anthem "This Little Light of Mine" more than once. Is that because they are better singers than organizers?

Additionally, UHW zombie staffer and former SEIU Communications Director Steve Trossman has finally told the truth about something! Trossman is the guy who, reportedly, helped develop a strategy in 2002 to cover up reports about Tyrone Freeman's corruption so as "to keep the allegations from embarrassing SEIU..." In 2008, when the LA Times asked Trossman about SEIU's reported cover-up, Trossman told the paper: "I don't remember exactly what happened."

Maybe because he is "losing his mind?"

FROM: Gloria Fauss []
TO: Oliver Gottfried; Galing Gaddy, Samantha; Gerry Vaughan;;; Frank Torres
SUBJECT: RE: Info on L.A. picket

LA picket is on the Nov 17

Gloria Fauss
Acting Political Director

From: Oliver Gottfried []
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 2:37 PM
To: Gloria Fauss; Galing Gaddy, Samantha; Gerry Vaughan;;;
Subject: FW: Info on L.A. picket

FYI...see below.
From: Gloria Fauss []
Sent: Thu 11/12/2009 2:35 PM
To: Oliver Gottfried
Subject: FW: Info on L.A. picket

Hi Oliver,

Here are the details of picket at NUHW fundraiser in LA. SF coming soon. Can you send them to appropriate LA locals.

Gloria Fauss
Acting Political Director

From: Steve Trossman
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 2:31 PM
To: Gloria Fauss
Subject: RE: Info on L.A. picket

I’m losing my mind…


“Shine a Light of Truth on NUHW”


6 pm – Staff arrival and set up on BERENDO.
6:10 pm – Program Leader meets with member-greeters, chant leaders, monitors, etc. to go over plan and program. (Program leader will handle the flow of the event, move it along, kick-off speak out, etc.)
6:15 pm – Members arrive, get their signs, chant sheets, etc., begin picketing and chanting as soon as possible.
6:20 pm – Program leader kicks off with intro and CALL-OUT and response.
6:30 pm –MC introduces and leads “speak out.” (3-5 workers) Make sure picketing continues.
6:45 pm – (NOT PROGRAM) Very small group of members (3-4) go inside event to speak with attendees (mingle), then one person attempts to address the group.
6:45 pm – Song – “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”—our version.

Continue chanting, singing (can sign song more than once), picketing, until 7:15 pm.


UTLA is at 3303 Wilshire Blvd., West of downtown. It is on the North side of the street. The main entrance is on Wilshire but most people will enter from the rear of the building. Behind the building is a “private” alley and then the UTLA Plaza parking garage. We will most likely not be able to man the doors very well. See attached maps.

Logistics/stationing – we need someone in charge of “garage” staffing and flow, and “street” staffing and flow.

Garage staffing – outside of garage, far side of the entrance that the cars will take; also run shifts of people inside the garage to try and engage with attendees, leaflet cars, etc.

Street staffing – Berendo street on both sides of alley, maybe down to garage entrance; run shifts of people into the alley to the door; cover front with a few people just in case. Have 2 very powerful lights to shine on people and “misdeeds” listed on visual (need people for this too).

Steve Trossman
(213) 300-1882 (c)
(323) 888-8144 (o)