Wednesday, January 20, 2010

But Before Sharon-Frances split...

She assigned her Organizing Director, Dequasia Gardner, to fight NUHW at Tarzana Medical Center in SoCal!

And while Dequasia has been busy blocking the vote count of the EVS workers and threatening members about dues payments, it appears that this Organizing Director has not organized ANY NON-UNION WORKERS since becoming Local 221! It appears that the only new members were gained by gobbling up another small independent union of city workers--200 of them, in more than 3 years.

Well, it seems that Dequasia lacks as an organizer...But Tasty does see that Dequasia loves animals! Maybe Dequasia would be more successful working at a Vet's office. Though it probably won't pay the 6 figure salary that Local 221 members reported paying Ms. Gardner in '08.