Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dave hopes that UHW members have developed Stockholm Syndrome. But it seems the staff hasn't!

Whoa! Seems like Dave is feeling like it might be election time at Zombie UHW! No, no, not NLRB elections, internal union elections!

Does Dave think the members of UHW are excited to elect their captor? He must think so, because word on the street is that Dave is asking Trustees and Deputy Trustees to pony up big money for the campaign. Reportedly, Dave asked Deputy Trustee (and all around suck-up) Keisha Steward to contribute FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

And you know what Keisha said? Nope.

Even a woman who followed Amado out the door and was appointed Deputy Trustee in return won't write a check! Tasty thinks Keisha ought to know where her bread is buttered.