Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scott Silber Continues to Make Kaiser Cafeterias a "Democracy Free Zone" as directed by the Zombie Campaign Manual

Tasty has received so many emails about Scott Silber it is almost hilarious. Except of course for the fact that Scott has been described to Tasty as "naive," "burnt out" and "all talk, no action." Of course, Tasty has no idea if those assessments are true, but Tasty did get passed this excerpt of an email from a Kaiser Pro. Looks like Scott is now calling security guards on SEIU's own members for simply talking with their own co-workers about their upcoming NLRB election:

Wanted to let you know that I ran into Scott [Silber] (SEIU rep) today at [Kaiser] West LA facility in the RD's office. I had gone there during my lunch to meet up with the RDs during their lunch. Scott claimed I can not campaign on Kaiser property and at some point called Security on me.-I was on my lunch in the cafeteria talking to the other RDs of my chapter on their lunch!!!-I explained to the security that I am an employee of Kaiser and am on my lunch - so are my co-workers. Scott from SEIU claims he is the union rep and can wander around and barge into any one's office or work area at anytime[... ]In any event the security left me alone-the RD was already done talking to me and had returned. Not sure where Scott ended up. I filled up my cup with water and went to the H R office to report him. The director was not there but I was able to leave her a voice mail. I will make sure I make her aware of our rights as members to meet and engage (I have a copy of Labor Relations e-mail).

Tasty is voting for Scott for Best Zombie Hall Monitor. Trying to stop workers from talking to each other seems like really going above and beyond the call of duty! Someone make this man Director of the Kaiser Division!