Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kaiser Ballots go out Today, RNs Vote Tomorrow and Thursday, Zombies swarm.

Which makes Tasty think....If SEIU sent a couple of hundred staff to Santa Rosa, and kept 40 (?) full time...and get 13 votes...how many Zombie will SEIU be sending to annoy Kaiser Professionals?

If they want to win, they need around 1200 votes. If 40=13 votes, then I guess we should plan on seeing around 3700 SEIU staffers in So Cal! Zombie-palooza!

Tasty is pretty sure that there are not even 3700 staff organizers in the UNITED STATES. So, Andy, if you can think of any other unions that still like SEIU, start dialing. You have a lot of borrowing to do!

Good Luck, Kaiser Workers.