Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet the New Zombie Communications Director

Ben Smith's Blog on Politico carried a long post on SEIU and its latest mis-steps in losing the war Andy picked with Unite/Here. It is pretty comprehensive, and Tasty will let Ben handle the complicated details.

But do give it a read to discover how Michelle Ringuette, crisis communications aficionado, tries to make it seem like SEIU has it totally under control, and how she wishes the Unite/Here would just focus on organizing as opposed to being "fixated on fighting with us." As if, Michelle.

Anyhow, the blog posting also includes an internal memo in which Unite/Here president John Wilhelm mentions that a number of high level staff have left Workers United and are floating around the labor movement, including Ms. Amanda Cooper.

Amanda was the Communications Director of Unite/Here and is now the communications Director of Zombie UHW!! Hey Amanda! Welcome back to your home state of California. Sorry that you went from the Communications Director of a major international union to cleaning up Andy and Anna's mess in California. Kind of a demotion, huh?