Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Love!

Jonpaul's countless pleas for "love" have finally been answered!

A reader sent this photo from San Francisco's California Pacific Medical Center showing SEIU staffer Jonpaul McLellan parading through the hospital with an Easter Bunny in a matching purple shirt. Congrats!

The Easter Bunny is SEIU's latest and lamest attempt to win support from workers who'll start voting next week in an NLRB mail-in ballot. The NLRB will mail the ballots on April 25 and the vote count is scheduled for May 10. Hospital management has thrown its full support behind SEIU and has let SEIU flood the facility with organizers and "lost-timers" from across the state. Meanwhile, SEIU is bombarding workers with purple mailers, robo-calls, email blasts, leaflets... even candy from a f*cking bunny.

Workers have been waiting for this election for a long, long time. SEIU, which claims to be an advocate for "employee free choice," has blocked the election for more than two years because it didn't have workers' support. Right after the trusteeship, SEIU organizers teamed up with the hospital's H.R. officials to target its own members, suspending the union's Chief Steward because she supported NUHW.

Tasty predicts that Jonpaul will soon have lots of time to experience all the thrills of riding public transport with his furry friend.