Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jonpaul the Nutbag?

Looks like the head honchos at SEIU and Sutter Health's California Pacific Medical Center were none too pleased with SEIU Organizer Jonpaul McLellan's freaky twitter account. After Tasty posted some of his tweets, Jonpaul's account suddenly disappeared from the world wide web.

But don't worry, Readers! Jonpaul was smart enough to post lots of freaky videos of himself on another site. And you guessed it... Jonpaul's videos reveal an abnormal fascination with his reproductive organ --- the same one that apparently gets stimulated by public transportation (ewwww). Check out this 26-second video. Or his blog where he describes himself as an artist, and hopes you will follow him and give him some "love."

For those interested in meeting Jonpaul in person, you can find him wandering through the patient-care units of California Pacific Medical Center with a hospital-issued photo ID badge!