Friday, April 30, 2010

The Quality of the Zombies Gets Worse Everyday

As 900 workers are casting their mail-in ballots at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Tasty got more reports about Delaina Contreras, SEIU's weapon of mass distraction.

Apparently, Delaina has been telling workers they should vote for SEIU because it has lots of staff, lawyers, offices, "stuff," etc. She's also been lying to workers by telling them they'll lose their wages and benefits if they vote for NUHW. When one worker asked Delaina for something on paper with legal citations that would back up her claims about lost wages and benefits, she said, "We don't work that way" and then refused to provide anything!

The member responded, "But I thought you had all kinds of attorneys, offices and staff. What do they do?"

Delaina, at a loss for words, pivoted around and walked down the hall.