Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey Raynor--That Wasn't YOUR $15 Million!

The New York Daily News is reporting that a court-appointed watchdog has formally urged the Feds to conduct an investigation into SEIU Executive Vice President Bruce Raynor and other SEIU officials to determine "whether Bruce Raynor and the union officials who acted with him violated [federal labor law] by converting [the $15 million dollars] to their own use and the use of the minority of union members who supported them."

Read the full story at the NY Daily News.

Observers speculate that Andy Stern is one of "the union officials who acted with" Raynor...could this be a reason for Andy's surprise resignation?!

It may also explain other news that's circulating among SEIU insiders...Tasty hears that Stern is currently trying to negotiate a special severance package from SEIU's International Executive Board that would require SEIU members to pay for Stern's future legal bills, which could run into the millions of dollars.

Remember... Andy Stern has literally made bank from SEIU members. Last year alone, he took home more than a quarter million dollars in pay. And Stern's SEIU pension will pay him $227,000 a year.

So, Stern now wants SEIU members to pay his personal legal bills for allegedly siphoning millions of dollars from union members?

Tasty bets that SEIU officials are gonna hear an earful from angry members across the country. So who sits on SEIU's International Executive Board? It's made up of about 65 people, including Dave Regan, Eliseo Medina, UHW Deputy Trustee Debbie Schneider, Anna Burger, Mary Kay Henry, Stephen Lerner, and the presidents of many SEIU local unions--most appointed by Stern himself.

ps Andy, it doesn't make you look LESS like a crook to wear a pinky ring.