Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SEIU Loses More Public Sector Workers in Cali! Will SEIU Ever Learn?

Yesterday, the votes were totaled in that decert election that an SEIU staffer was blogging about on the Oakland A's blog.

The results? About 1,464 public-sector workers voted to leave SEIU Local 1021 and join a new independent union called the Marin Association of Public Employees (MAPE). You can see the vote totals at MAPE's website.

Local 1021 is a "mega-local" that SEIU created by merging 10 locals and then appointing a Stern-o-phile to run the union. After merging the unions, SEIU quickly set up a 1-800 call center to handle members' grievances. Members complained that they never saw their Union Rep.

And when workers started to form a new union, SEIU pulled out the same bag of dirty tricks that UHW members are so familiar with. Check out this letter from former Local 1021 steward Christine O'Hanlon. Sound familiar? SEIU removed workers' elected stewards, attempted to block the election, and lied to members that they would lose their contract if they voted to join the new union, etc. So Fresno of them!

Congrats to Marin County workers and your new union, MAPE!