Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some Links to Check Out, Readers.

Catch-up on the goings-on!

With the Powers that Be...

Meet your new boss, same as your old boss. LA Times article has maybe the most defensive quote ever for a closing line.

And as we see on Keyser Soze’s blog, The Red Revolt, the members aren’t buying what Mary Kay is selling.

Though at the same time it became clear, via Ben Smith, that Mary Kay was not the first choice, but instead it was Patrick Gaspard-former 1199 staff and current White House staff. He declined.

Mary Kay kicked off her reign with a blessing, which Tasty found to be strangely religious and deeply odd.

Mary Kay plans on mending rifts, starting with trying to organize grocery stores? Bloomberg/Newsweek on her plans.

Mary Kay can either prove that she is really going to bring SEIU in a new direction of honesty and partnership, or she can protect that loser Raynor. Her choice, according to Beyond Chron!

Andy Stern, in the meantime, is pissing off the left and the right with his back door dealings on Obama’s fiscal commission. Sound familiar?

Oh, and he says we should be looking to private retirement funds instead of Social Security. Andy does always keep the boss’s bottom line in mind!

Meanwhile in the field...

NUHW Kaiser So-Cal members let you know about their work on the NUHW website.

Unite Here supporters did a hilarious send-up of the Lady Gaga, as well as announce a boycott of the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco.