Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The History of Dolores and Eliseo

As SEIU's staff targets revered labor leader Dolores Huerta, a former UFW activist and SEIU staffer reflected in Beyond Chron today.


As UFW leaders in ‘73, both Eliseo Medina and Dolores Huerta attended the funerals, and have done some historic work since, sometimes together, in building progressive movements. But there is something more sinister than ironic in Medina’s role now in SEIU as EVP and Trustee of UHW, which resorts to collaborating with the bosses and even the cops to keep Sister Huerta from talking with Kaiser workers who have the bad manners to demand to decide for themselves which Union they want to represent them.


If new pooh bah Mary Kay Henry’s idea of change is keeping Raynor and the workers’ dues he stole from UNITE HERE (I hear he’s just a hoot to work with…), and sucking up to Kaiser and calling the cops to keep Dolores Huerta from talking to those pesky workers while escalating a campaign of fear and intimidation against her own members — she’s gonna be in confession for a goddamn year.

Also this critique of Eliseo's new role as a "labor leader."