Tuesday, May 25, 2010

USC Voting Tomorrow and Thursday...

The workers will be choosing between NUHW and no union--SEIU dropped out. USC has mounted an intense anti-union campaign, including suspending NUHW supporters and threatening workers...and guess who helped 'em?

That's right! SEIU! From today's LA Times:

"According to healthcare workers union, SEIU officials have informed at least two employees that it would be better to reject union representation than to vote for the rival group.

"SEIU and the hospital management are scheming and plotting together for people to vote no union," said a healthcare workers union supporter, Michael Torres, a respiratory therapist at USC University Hospital. "We don't know the difference between SEIU and management anymore.""

The word on the street is that SEIU actually met with MANAGEMENT to plan the no-union campaign at USC, and has dropped out so that their pitiful few votes would go to "No Union" as opposed to NUHW.

Great job so far, Mary Kay! This is the largest election opportunity since you assumed your crown and instead of uniting workers, SEIU is trying to keep workers at USC from having a union!