Friday, May 21, 2010


Check out Randy Shaw's article about SEIU's intention to create "WWIII" at Kaiser facilities--in a desperate attempt to intimidate NUHW supporters.

WWIII? Why all the shock and awe rhetoric? Well, Tasty has been hearing directly that it is common knowledge at SEIU HQ in DC that, if the election were held today, there would be no way for SEIU to win the election and NUHW would represent all 40,000+ Kaiser workers.

Clearly, SEIU knows that losing Kaiser would be a huge defeat. Current UHW staff members have said that more than once Dave Regan has told staff that it is "over for SEIU's healthcare organizing if NUHW wins Kaiser." (Tasty doubts it would be the end of SEIU healthcare organizing, but agrees that if--no, WHEN!--NUHW wins Kaiser it will mean SEIU will have to finally listen to what the members want.)

But be that as it may, SEIU really really wants to win this one, even if it means destroying the healthcare facility in order to save it... starting in classic purple fashion by harassing and expelling famous and revered UFW founder Dolores Huerta. She stopped in to talk to workers who felt harassed and contacted her. Check out Red Revolt for more...

Also, see the youtube video that NUHW posted.

A couple of facts missing from Shaw's story:
-Apparently SEIU's chief stewards followed Dolores outside and yelled, "We're close to the fields Dolores, why don't you go back there."
-NUHW didn't even set up this meeting with Dolores Huerta, according to workers and NUHW staff, the members called her on their own and arranged the visit.

Anyway, the whole thing couldn't have made Dolores too upset, just yesterday she sat at President Obama's table at the state dinner honoring Mexican President Calderon.

Not on the guest list? Andy, Anna, Eliseo or new SEIU President Mary Kay...