Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Note from a CCMS worker.

Tasty got this note from a reader:

"It's crazy. Here in San Francisco, SEIU staff are shocked that they lost the election at CCMS... even though SEIU has negotiated sell-out contracts at one facility after another since trusteeing UHW. At CCMS, SEIU sent a paid lost-time staffer named Marcelino Robles to convince workers to vote for SEIU. But even Marcelino admitted to CCMS workers that SEIU sold out workers at his facility during contract negotiations. Marcelino works at Sutter's California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco's biggest hospital, where SEIU just agreed to cuts and also committed the union's support for a plan that will shut down the only private hospital in San Francisco that serves poor people. (The hospital also employs hundreds of members of UHW and CNA.) When SEIU's own organizers can't run away from the truth, you know it's bad."