Sunday, April 4, 2010

Much to the chagrin of SEIU, Techs at Doctors Modesto join NUHW!

On April 1st, 12 Cardio Techs and 4 Bio Med workers at Doctors Medical Center of Modesto voted to join NUHW!

The rest of the hospital, part of the Tenet Healthcare system, is union with SEIU-UHW, CNA and CIR (an SEIU local for Doctors--Interns and Residents.) The 12 cardio techs approached SEIU several months ago, but SEIU turned them away saying there were not enough of them to even "bother with!" Tasty guesses they might be a little busy over at Zombie UHW to "bother with" organizing new workers! They can't even keep what they have!

After 2 rejections from SEIU, the workers called NUHW, who helped them file for an election. When they learned these workers had filed a petition to join NUHW SEIU suddenly felt VERY concerned about these workers and sent reps and co-workers to talk them out of it. Tasty guesses that it was too little too late because SEIU couldn't ever get workers to sign a card to put them on the ballot!

When it became clear that the workers had already chosen to organize with NUHW, guess who came to SEIU's rescue? The Zombie's old friend, the Boss!

Tenet challenged the unit with the NLRB, slowing down the process for the workers. After the NLRB scheduled the election (and added Bio Med workers to the unit,) Tenet did mandatory anti-union meetings where they told the workers basically every SEIU line about NUHW, including anti-NUHW lit put out by SEIU!

Congrats to the workers at Doctors Modesto, and good work not falling for the anti-union campaign of SEIU and your boss!