Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still Waiting for the Good Old Fashioned Ass Whoopin' Dave Regan Promised.

Two elections today--both squeakers, but both show that despite SEIU's significant resources, workers aren't exactly buying what they are selling.

First, 4 nursing homes owned by Pratap Poddatoori in Northern California. Tasty was told by an SEIU staff person directly that there was "no way" they were losing these homes.

4 No Union

Result: inconclusive, there will be a run off between SEIU and NUHW--clearly any one's game.

Also, the workers at Prison Health Services, a location at which SEIU botched a one day strike earlier this spring by not putting an end date on their strike notice--resulting in a lockout for the workers, workers voted:

No Union 1

Result: victory for NUHW!

...wasn't SEIU's whole plan here to run the elections that were "in the bag" for them first? Do these SEIU staff even talk to the members? You have to think that SEIU's "get tough" approach is starting to bite them: because they have ruled with fear and intimidation means that they can't get honest answers from members--and thus are unable to effectively ID voters. Oops...