Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More California Public-Sector Workers to Bolt SEIU

Tasty hears that more California workers are preparing to jump the purple ship. Correctional officers in Fresno County announced they’re planning to leave SEIU Local 521 so they can join an independent union they recently created: the Fresno Sheriffs Correctional Officers Association.

Observers say the move, which affects more than 300 correctional officers, would be a blow to the SEIU local. The officers represent nearly 10% of Local 521’s membership in Fresno County. And the correctional officers have the highest benefits among Local 521’s members.

Last year, county officials imposed 9% pay cuts and benefit reductions on the members of SEIU Local 521, which is headed up by CEO Kristy Sermersheim. Tasty hears the correctional officers want to take control of their own destiny by bolting SEIU. A vote could happen in the next month. Stay tuned!