Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dave Regan’s Latest Trick: Witch Hunts, Show Trials and a Dues Hikes for SEIU-UHW’s Members!

Check out this news from the recent meeting of SEIU-UHW’s Executive Board. 

A source at the meeting reports that Dave Regan has launched campaigns to boost SEIU-UHW members’ monthly union dues and to conduct a vast witch hunt for “disloyal” union members.

Here’s what Tasty’s source says:

I just attended an E-Board meeting and they asked us to elect people for an "SEIU Trial Body".  These people will be responsible for investigating and deciding the fates of members who were/are on the E-Board, supporting NUHW and violating the By-Laws.  We elected 2 members from each division during our break outs.  Then, after our break outs, we returned to a larger room with everyone and that is where regan informed us that SEIU won a judgement against 15 executives for $10,000-40,000 each...  I thought the timing of those meetings were interesting.  It appeared to me as though they wanted to intimidate the NUHW supporters still on the E-Board...  I am also very concerned for the E-Board members that they are accusing and what may be their fates.  Another concern I have are "witch hunts" for current and future E-board members.

Way to go, Dave!

Loyalty oaths! Witch hunts! Show trials! Dave is once again demonstrating his uncanny ability to perform perfect faceplants... and to offer a clear view of SEIU's no-so-flattering internal features… all at the same time!

Of course, we all know that Dave is an “Old School Guy.” So it’s absolutely possible that he harbors a deep hidden affection for Cambodia’s Pol Pot regime. But hey… no need to reenact your autocratic fantasies on the union’s members. Tasty wouldn’t be surprised if Regan presides over the “SEIU Trial Body” while wearing a judge’s gown and dusted wig.

But wait… that’s not all! Tasty’s source reports that Regan has also launched a campaign to boost SEIU-UHW members’ monthly union dues! Here’s what Tasty’s source says:
They also want to change our dues structures.  They had a commitee decide that we would change the dues so that everyone has to pay a percentage.  They had not decided on what exactly that percentage would be, but if everyone pays 2%, it is not enough revenue to pay the bills.  They would also like to end the refunds to people who work at more than one SEIU-UHW hospital…  It will be interesting to see how people respond who work at more than one hospital to having to now pay 2% or more at the various hospitals they work at.  Had they chosen NUHW, it would only be 1.5%.  We have another E-Board mtg in August and they want our members to vote on the change in dues structure in September… There was also talk of eliminating the $114 maximum.

Well, now that the Kaiser election is over, it appears that Regan senses an unfettered freedom to drive his purple bus wherever the f*ck he wants to. What's next?  No one knows… although it sure ain’t gonna be pretty. 

Oh, in case missed it, here's Dave practicing his speech for SEIU's upcoming show trials, which reportedly will be held in the parking lot behind the union's offices: