Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Latest News from SEIU's Attempted Trusteeship of Local 50 in California

Here’s the latest news from SEIU’s attempt to impose a trusteeship on Local 50, which represents 5,400 food service workers at Disneyland in California.

In a repeat performance, SEIU parachuted purple staffers from the East Coast to try to seize control of the union after Local 50 formally disaffiliated from SEIU. Check out this video of staffers from SEIU’s “Workers United,” who've been assigned to carry out 24/7 surveillance of Local 50's office from a parked car.

But wait... not so fast! 

Here’s what happened when Local 50 called the cops on SEIU's stalkers!


Meanwhile, Local 50’s lawsuit against SEIU is moving forward in the courts. SEIU has assigned the same union-busting lawyer -- Glenn Rothner from Rothner, Segall and Greenstone -- who was assigned to the Purple Palace's trusteeship of SEIU-UHW in 2009. Rothner has apparently decided to build a career out of waging legal wars against worker-led unions... in exchange for a fat paycheck from the Purple Palace.

In fact, during SEIU's trusteeship of California's healthcare workers, SEIU lawyer Edgar James even tried to forcibly break down the doors of one union office… which was famously captured in this video by members of SEIU-UHW.

SEIU's Edgar Romney -- a D.C. official who claims to be the “Trustee” of Local 50  -- continues to pal around with the business-suited executives over at Disneyland. Recently, Disneyland's H.R. Department decided to allow SEIU to put three purple staffers inside Disneyland's gated walls to carry out SEIU’s usual campaign of lies and threats against the union's rank-and-file members. Tasty smells a Regan-styled backroom deal.

Here’s a pic of three of SEIU's staffers, who are wearing ID badges handed out by management, as they await orders from the Purple Palace and keep a watchful eye out for Mickey and Goofy.