Monday, July 15, 2013

SEIU's Dave Regan Has a New Buddy at Kaiser Permanente

SEIU’s Dave Regan has a new backroom buddy over at Kaiser Permanente.

Last week, Kaiser’s more than 100,000 workers received postcards at their homes announcing that Bernard Tyson has seized the reins of power as Kaiser’s new CEO.

The postcard (see below) begins this way: “A message for you from Bernard J. Tyson, our new Chief Executive Officer.” Of course, Tyson makes an obligatory show of respect for Kaiser’s workers.

I want you to know how honored I am to lead – with you – our respected organization into the future. I appreciate the great work you do every day…

Blah, blah, blah.
Next, Tyson lays down a crystal clear marker about Kaiser’s plan to cut staffing levels and slash workers’ pay and benefits. Here’s what he says:

Now, I would like to share what I believe is Kaiser Permanente’s next call to action -- advancing our mission on affordability… Our next frontier is to tackle affordability with the same passion as we have demonstrated in advancing our mission on quality.

So… Tyson -- with the undying assistance of Dave Regan and the “partnership unions” -- wants to be “Mr. Affordability.”

Hmmm… perhaps Tyson should take a look at his own multi-millionaire paycheck. Kaiser’s current CEO, George Halvorson, pulls down $9 million a year.

Then there are the nine separate pension plans that Tyson currently receives (even as he and Regan are trying to eliminate workers' only pension plan).

And the chauffeur-driven car that now carries Tyson to work every day.

And the $9.5 billion in profits that Kaiser has pocketed since 2009.

And before Tyson and Regan try to cut staffing levels, they might want to take a look at the $4 million fine that Kaiser just got for illegally understaffing its mental health services and depriving patients of needed care.

Tasty can’t wait to see how Mr. Affordability explains this paycheck... which gave Tyson $805,422 for just 14 days of work. They paycheck is from 2008, when Tyson served as Kaiser’s Chief Operating Officer.

Hey Mr. Affordability, take a look in the f*cking mirror!