Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More California Workers to Bolt SEIU

Last month, a group of approximately 400 public-sector workers in Southern California petitioned to dump SEIU Local 721 in order to create their own independent union. 

The workers are employed by the Coachella Valley Water District, which provides water to more than 110,000 homes, farms and businesses in Riverside, Imperial and San Diego counties.

The decertification effort is backed by the workers’ elected board, according to a July newsletter (see below). More than 50 percent of the workers had already signed the decertification petition by early July.

According to  newsletter, the water district workers want to form an independent union with the help of City Employees Associates, which represents 105 independent associations of public-sector workers across California.

The news was reported by a dirt-digging blogsite called “Loco 221,” which offers news and commentary about SEIU Local 221 in San Diego.

So why are so many of SEIU’s members running for the exit signs?

Here’s what the leader of a separate group of already-departed SEIU members says. "Loco 221" published an interview with the president of the La Mesa City Employees Association, which earlier decertified SEIU Local 221 to form their own independent union.

Just before the decertification of SEIU we had only 22% of employees who were SEIU members and most of them didn’t know why they were hanging on.  Employees were tired of SEIU people confronting them at their workstation and at home to join SEIU.  Employees were adamant that they would not join an organization that took a lot of their money and they had no say of where that money went.  Once we started our decertification process, we wanted to send a clear message to SEIU, every employee dropped out except the President and Treasurer.  We stayed only so we could control the bank account which had only a few hundred dollars left.  That last year I met with [former local 221 president] Sharon-Frances Moore 4 times insisting we needed change.  We needed  a rep that returned phone calls and responded to e-mails.  We needed a rep that did not “call in sick” to a bargaining meeting but forgot to call us and tell us he would not be there.  We needed a rep who would show up to her first ever Skelley hearing and NOT not know what to say – I could go on.  Sharon-Frances Moore made a lot of promises and it never got any better.

For readers who don’t remember Sharon-Frances MooreAndy Stern met her at a cocktail party in New York City and then hand-picked her to run SEIU Local 221 even though her closest previous union experience was working for the Girl Scouts!

Moore crashed and burned in spectacular SEIU fashion, including an exorbitant salary, a fraudulent union election that was overturned by the U.S. Department of Labor, a civil lawsuit, and a six-figure severance package paid by SEIU’s members!