Thursday, April 3, 2014

SEIU-UHW Morphs into Boss at California Hospital

Workers are describing the latest details of Dave Regan’s dirty deeds with a giant California hospital chain.

At Sutter Health’s Alta Bates Summit Medical Center -- an 830-bed hospital in Oakland, California -- workers say SEIU-UHW and the Boss have fused into one ugly Frankenstein-like creature.  

Here’s what’s happening.

Recently, the hospital announced layoffs of 359 workers. Several unions defended their members by filing court injunctions that successfully blocked the layoffs of their members.

But not SEIU-UHW! 

Instead, Dave Regan and Co. are working hand-in-glove with management to kick SEIU-UHW’s members out the door and onto the unemployment line.

SEIU-UHW’s members are receiving telephone calls from hospital HR officials who say their jobs have been eliminated. The HR officials then inform them they have just 15 minutes to decide whether to accept a layoff package or to try to make a bid for another position at the hospital.

When workers say "I need time to talk to my Union Rep," the HR official responds, "Your Union Rep is sitting right here." The stunned workers listen as HR hands the phone to SEIU-UHW Union Rep Pam Stevenson

WTF? It turns out that Stevenson is camped out in an HR conference room with the Boss, who’s speed-dialing workers to kick them to the curb.  

In one case, Stevenson and her HR pals phoned an SEIU-UHW member who's at home recuperating from an on-the-job injury. They gave her just brief moments to decide the fate of her sole means of economic support.

When workers confront SEIU-UHW officials and tell them, "We have a contract! Why are you doing this to us?," SEIU simply says “It is what it is."

Unfortunately, Regan's latest purple atrocities are just par for the course.

In 2012, "Wall Street" Dave cut a deal with Sutter that allowed the hospital to subcontract the jobs of nearly 10% of the union's members even though workers’ contract strictly prohibited the hospital from subcontracting their jobs.

During bargaining, Regan signaled his willingness to roll over for the Boss by stating: “We can work with employers like Sutter Health.” Observers speculate that Regan is working overtime to help his buddy, Sutter’s CEO Pat Fry, because Fry plays a top role at the California Hospital Association.

As for SEIU-UHW Union Rep Pam "The Terminator" Stevenson, she's apparently chosen the same career path as Dominic Mitchell, the former SEIU-UHW Union Rep at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center who’s now one of Sutter’s HR officials.

Like Tasty said... SEIU-UHW and the Boss have become one ugly, purple Frankenstein.