Monday, June 2, 2014

Leaked Recording: Dave Regan Discusses SEIU-UHW's Secret Deal with California Hospital Association

Here it is.

It's a recording of an internal conference call that took place just hours after Dave Regan and Duane Dauner (the CEO of the California Hospital Association) publicly announced their "visionary" partnership deal… while famously refusing to disclose any details to journalists or the public.

During the conference call -- which took place on May 6, 2014 and lasts 50 minutes -- Regan works hard to sell the deal to SEIU-UHW's staffers.

He makes only passing reference to the undemocratic terms of his dirty deal -- such as pre-negotiated contracts with cheap wages and benefits, a gag clause that blocks workers from criticizing hospital corporations, a ban on strikes, etc. In fact, Regan has refused to provide a copy of the deal to SEIU-UHW’s own Executive Board, say Tasty's sources.

However, enough details emerge from the leaked recording to allow us to comprehend the raw terms of Regan’s “money-for-workers” deal with hospital CEOs.

The deal works as follows:

Regan will use SEIU’s political influence -- along with $20 million of workers’ dues money -- to try to boost taxpayer-funded Medicaid payments to hospitals by $6 billion a year. In exchange, the hospitals will let SEIU "unionize" up to 60,000 workers without opposition as long as Regan keeps workers' wages and benefits artificially low and bans workers from striking.

Furthermore, Regan has signed a "Code of Conduct" that gags SEIU-UHW’s members from criticizing hospital corporations and bans workers from reporting patient-care violations to government agencies. 

On the recording, here’s how Regan describes the long reach of the "Code of Conduct" between SEIU-UHW and the hospital industry:
The Code of Conduct requires that in all of our interactions -- whether they're in the public realm, in the realm of advocacy, in the realm of media relations or press relations or political work as well as in the realm of non-union workers deciding whether or not to join our union -- we will eliminate and prohibit all negative campaigning.
Meanwhile, here's how Regan describes his deal to trade billions of dollars of Medicaid money for workers:
If we are successful in solving the Medi-Cal Program's shortfall by November of 2016, we will then have an agreement with the industry whereby we will get physical access to another set of institutions employing at least 30,000 non-union workers…
Regan calls the Medicaid money “a big prize” (Medicaid is called “Medi-Cal” in California):
There is a big prize on the horizon called "reforming Medi-Cal” that's worth $6 billion. (at 26:35 minutes on the tape)
Elsewhere, he describes the terms of the deal this way:
...organizing rights premised on success in fixing the political problem.
So what's driving this pay-to-play deal?

The Democrats control both houses of California’s legislature as well as the governor's office. So... hospital CEOs have hired SEIU to serve as a Trojan Horse or political errand boy that will attempt to snatch billions of taxpayer-funded dollars to fatten the bosses’ bottom lines... while screwing workers along the way.

It's classic SEIU.

Here’s the full tape: