Thursday, July 24, 2014

SEIU's David Holway Prepares for Democracy Fest at the Golden Nugget Hotel

SEIU-style democracy will be on stunning display at the upcoming convention of SEIU’s National Association of Government Employees (SEIU-NAGE).

In September, NAGE -- a union of 31,000 mainly government employees headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts -- will be holding a three-day convention at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas where delegates will elect NAGE’s president and Executive Board.

This democracy-fest will be guided by the steady hand of David Holway, who’ll serve as the master of ceremonies. Holway is a notoriously corrupt member of SEIU’s International Executive Board and is also the president of NAGE.
Tyrone Freeman and David Holway

When Holway opens the convention with a ceremonious blow of his gavel, will democracy break out like a horribly infectious case of poison ivy?

Not exactly.

Check out the list of candidates who are standing for the 47 positions that make up NAGE’s top officers and Executive Board. Below, Tasty has posted the list of candidates, which comes directly from NAGE’s website.

As you'll see, virtually every single candidate is part of the "Holway Slate," meaning that David
Holway personally selected them to run.

Holway loves his golden nuggets
Unfortunately for NAGE’s members, this means the next Executive Board won’t be doing any performance reviews of Holway or re-thinking his ridiculously bloated salary. Last year, Holway pocketed $265,909 for being the president of NAGE’s 31,000 members.

That's not all.

Holway is infamous for finding “innovative” ways to supplement his SEIU paycheck. 

In addition to holding a full-time job as the president of NAGE and serving on SEIU’s International Executive Board, Holway somehow managed to simultaneously hold down another high-paying job as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Thoroughbred Breeders Association… where he worked tirelessly to encourage more horse racing in Massachusetts!

For this horse-racing gig, Holway pulled down an additional $100,000 per year and also pocketed 7.5% of the revenues from a racetrack called Suffolk Downs, according to the Boston Globe.

It's no wonder that workers have fled SEIU-NAGE so they can join other unions. During the past five years, NAGE has lost roughly one-third of its membership, according to records from the U.S. Department of Labor. Just 20 months ago, 2,300 ambulance workers decertified NAGE and joined AFSCME.

Go figure.