Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Union in Wolf's Clothing

This week, SEIU-UHW officials have catapulted to new heights of pathetic behavior at public hearings held by the California Attorney General to evaluate the proposed sale of Daughters of Charity Health System, a chain of six hospitals in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

At the hearings, SEIU-UHW is shamelessly pimping for Blue Wolf Capital Partners, a New York private-equity firm that just happened to ink a secret backroom deal with Dave Regan

If Blue Wolf wins the bidding process, Regan's deal would allow it to boost its profits by slashing the pay and benefits of SEIU-UHW’s 2,700 members by more than $100 million a year, according to a deal signed by Regan and posted on this blog site earlier in the week.

From every indication, Regan is highly motivated to convince the A.G. to support his newfound private-equity "partner.” How else can you explain the fact that SEIU-UHW’s staffers and members have turned up at the hearings wearing "Blue Wolf" T-shirts? No joke. Check out these pictures. Pathetic.

As they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

And there's more.

SEIU-UHW’s rank-and-file members at the Daughters hospitals are apparently in open rebellion against Regan's sellout deal. In fact, Regan has so little support from Daughters workers that he's been forced to bus public-sector homecare workers from 150 miles away wearing "Blue Wolf" shirts in a pathetically lame effort to convince the AG that somehow "workers" support Blue Wolf.

Unfortunately for Regan, SEIU-UHW’s own members have dropped a host of proverbial turds into Regan's purple punch bowl.

Yesterday, an SEIU-UHW member from Daughters O'Connor Hospital in San Jose testified that a majority of SEIU-UHW’s members at his hospital oppose SEIU-UHW’s support for Blue Wolf. To back up his point, he then presented the Attorney General with petitions signed by half of SEIU-UHW’s members at the hospital… which he says were gathered in 48 hours!

SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan
Today, the AG held a hearing for St. Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy. One of SEIU-UHW’s stewards at the hospital testified in opposition to SEIU-UHW and presented handfuls of petitions signed by her co-workers. 

During her testimony, the worker reportedly broke down and cried, saying she had once supported SEIU-UHW “but they’re wrong about this and we employees are very disappointed in them. Because of this, I believe the union no longer has the support of employees.”

After the steward left the hearing to go back to work, one of Regan's hack staffers went to the mic and tried to convince the Attorney General that the steward had been bullied by hospital officials into testifying as she did. This reportedly prompted an AG official to say, "You gotta be kidding me.” I guess the same hospital officials bullied hundreds of workers to sign petitions, too. 

They apparently don't understand, but SEIU-UHW’s members should be overflowing with joy and gratitude that their union's president, Dave Regan, cut a backroom deal with New York fatcats to slash and burn their pay and benefits.

Later, when news of the SEIU-UHW staffer's deceitful testimony to the AG reached the hospital, the steward and her co-workers reacted with righteous outrage. Needless to say, Wall Street Dave doesn't have many supporters left at the hospital.
A picture from Northern Pulp, one of Blue Wolf's acquisitions. It
"whole tree harvesting," which local residents describe as "ecocide."
Blue Wolf: Bringing a bright future to a community near you!

All in all, then, it's been quite a week so far. 

SEIU staffers in Blue Wolf T-shirts.  Fake hospital workers bused in from 150 miles away. SEIU-UHW’s members in open rebellion against Regan's backroom deal.  And Regan forced to publicly deploy his weapons of treachery and deceit against the union's own members… even as the Attorney General looks on.