Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Did SEIU-UHW’s Dave Regan find religion?

As SEIU President Mary Kay Henry celebrates the miraculous resurrection of SEIU's order to transfer 65,000 California long-term care workers, SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan is experiencing his own kind of religious moment.

Did "Diamond Dave" find religion?

Not quite.

But he has undergone a sudden “religious conversion” that’s allowed him to perform a flip-flop of biblical proportions. 

In a fantastic about-face that's befitting of only the sleaziest politician, Regan -- who has fervently supported SEIU’s order to "unite" all of California's long-term care workers into SEIU Local 6434 – is now suddenly opposed to it.

It's like that famous politician who said, "I voted for it, uh..., before I voted against it."

Well, that's Dave Regan. But on steroids.

Back in 2007 and 2008, Regan was a member of SEIU’s Long Term Care Division Steering Council and aggressively pushed for the transfer of SEIU-UHW’s 65,000 long-term care workers into Local 6434.

And in June of 2008 at SEIU’s convention in Puerto Rico, Regan aggressively campaigned in support of “Resolution # 206a” which called for the transfer of SEIU-UHW’s 65,000 long-term care workers to Local 6434.

Regan even worked hand-in-hand with Tyrone Freeman to launch a PR and direct-mail campaign in California to push for the transfer of the 65,000 members... including a website called

Then, in January of 2009, Regan was a member of SEIU’s International Executive Board and voted in favor of ordering SEIU-UHW to transfer the 65,000 members.

Soon thereafter, Regan voted to put SEIU-UHW into trusteeship when its governing board failed to transfer the 65,000 workers fast enough.

But today, my friends, is apparently a brand new day for Diamond Dave. 

Dave has miraculously found religion. Or maybe he was struck by lightning. Or bumped his head too hard on the underside of Duane Dauner’s desk.

Whatever happened, Diamond Dave has flip-flopped so hard that his head is bouncing back and forth like one of those plastic bobble heads you get at the baseball game.

Quite the image of integrity...