Monday, April 6, 2015

Hal Ruddick (aka, "Mr. Backroom Dealer") is the Kaiser Partnership Unions' Chief Negotiator

A tip for Kaiser workers.

Beware of Hal Ruddick. He’s the new Executive Director of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and will serve as the “Chief Negotiator” for the partnership unions’ 90,000 members during negotiations with Kaiser Permanente .

As an SEIU staffer and one of Regan’s lieutenants at SEIU-UHW, he has a long history of cutting backroom deals with bosses and lying to workers.

In 2011, Ruddick was the Chief Negotiator for SEIU-UHW’s bargaining with Dignity Health. During the negotiations, Ruddick agreed to eliminate the defined-benefit pension plan for 14,000 SEIU-UHW members and replace it with a 401(k)-style plan. 

Even though it was a huge cut for workers, Ruddick got workers to ratify the cut by telling them it was a "pension improvement." Ruddick and SEIU-UHW actually issued leaflets to workers with a headline of “We Did It!... Pension Improvements.” (See below.)

Months later, Dignity reported the truth about Ruddick's cut in the company's quarterly financial statement: Ruddick’s cut had snatched $217 million from workers’ pockets and deposited it into the company's bottom line.

You can read more in these earlier posts (Fyi, Dignity was formerly called "Catholic Healthcare West."):

And here's another example of Ruddick’s dirty tricks. It comes from Ruddick’s time at SEIU Healthcare Illinois-Indiana, where he was the Chief Negotiator for 8,000 nursing home workers. In 2009, Ruddick did a backroom deal that allowed the Boss to strip millions of dollars from workers' health insurance fund, which sent the fund careening towards bankruptcy. Read more at this post:

So... although this guy should presumably be in some sort of jail by now, he's now serving as the Chief Negotiator for 90,000 Kaiser employees covered by the partnership.

It's the SEIU way...