Friday, January 8, 2016

Dave Regan Pours Smoke and Mirrors onto Latest Ballot Initiative Threat

Here's the latest on Dave Regan’s "groundbreaking" partnership with the California Hospital Association (CHA), which continues to explode in "21st century" flames.

On November 20, Regan filed papers (for the third time) for a ballot initiative that he hopes will leverage him back into bed with CHA’s CEO Duane Dauner. It's called the "Hospital Executive Compensation Act of 2016."

CHA officials, however, aren't exactly worried about Regan's latest ballot-initiative threat, say Tasty's sources.


They don't believe Regan has enough money to carry out the threat. 

Regan will have to spend approximately $5 million to simply collect enough signatures to qualify the initiative for the ballot. After that, he’ll have to spend millions more to actually win a victory at the ballot box.

Meanwhile, Regan is trying to qualify two other statewide initiatives for the same election, and is using $4 million from the sale of one of SEIU-UHW's offices to partially finance that effort.

On top of that, SEIU-UHW recently lost half of its members and announced a $34 million reduction in the union's annual budget.

And then there's the problem that Regan's ballot-initiative scheme violates California law.

So… given that hospital officials aren’t exactly quaking in their boots, Regan decided to give them an extra dose of "smoke and mirrors" by announcing he's depositing millions of dollars of SEIU-UHW members' dues money into a political fund to push his ballot initiative.

On December 16, SEIU-UHW issued a press release announcing "it has made an initial $3 million contribution to a political fund that will be used in the coming election year to support or oppose ballot initiatives..."

What, pray tell, is SEIU-UHW calling this new political fund aimed at implementing a secret deal that would impose a gag clause on tens of thousands of healthcare workers?

"Californians for Hospital Accountability and Quality Care."

Way to go, Dave!

If SEIU-UHW members -- whose maximum dues rate increased to $144 a month on January 1st -- are wondering where all of their dues dollars are going, they might wanna take a look at Dave's latest and greatest adventure in fantasy land.