Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Source: SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan Broke Process Server's Arm

A source has revealed that SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan broke the arm of a process server who last month attempted to serve him with legal papers on behalf of the California Hospital Association (CHA).
                                                                              CBS News earlier reported that Regan pushed the process server down the stairs of Regan's Kensington, Calif. home, causing injuries that required attention from medical personnel.

According to Tasty's source, Regan actually broke the process server's arm.

Tasty also learned that the process server has taken legal action against Regan in civil court.

In a separate legal process, the District Attorney is reportedly reviewing police records to decide whether to file criminal charges against Regan.

Sources also identified the date and time of Regan's alleged assault on the process server. According to a "Proof of Service of Summons" posted below, a process server delivered a copy of the CHA's lawsuit to Regan's home on Monday, February 1, 2016 at 6:30pm.

The document, which names Regan and identifies his home address, states:
"I personally served the documents listed in Item 2 to the party or person authorized to receive service of process... on 02/01/2016 at 06:30pm."

So what were the documents that provoked Regan’s rage?
SEIU's Dave Regan
It was the CHA's counter-suit against SEIU-UHW.  

The lawsuit, filed January 26 in Sacramento County Superior Court, seeks to block Regan's November 2015 lawsuit against the CHA and to force SEIU-UHW into arbitration over its alleged violations of a secret "gag clause." In 2014, Regan signed the "gag clause" as part of his "partnership" agreement with the CHA.

Item 2 of the "Proof of Service," posted below, details the documents that were served on Regan on February 1:
Petitioner California Hospital Association's Notice of Petition and Petition to Compel Arbitration; Memorandum of Points and Authorities; Notice of Related Case; Declaration of Gail M. Blanchard-Saiger in Support of Petition to Compel Arbitration; Declaration of F. Curt Kirshner, Jr. in Support of Petition to Compel Arbitration.

What's the status of the CHA's counter-suit?

In recent days, a Superior Court judge handed the CHA a victory in its countersuit by ordering SEIU-UHW's to submit itself to binding arbitration due to its alleged violations of the secret "gag clause." Until now, Regan has refused to go before an arbitrator.

It's unclear what financial and other penalties may be imposed on SEIU-UHW by an arbitrator.