Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Mr. Regan kept hitting me in the head with his fist… I thought I was going to die," says Process Server

A chest bruise caused by Regan, according to restraining order
A source has provided Tasty with court filings that offer a stunning first-hand account of the attack by SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan on a process server who attempted to deliver legal documents from the California Hospital Association to Regan's home in Kensington, Calif.

The victim's one-page account is contained in a restraining order against Regan issued by Contra Costa County Superior Court on February 29, 2016. 

According to the victim's written description as well as photos of his bruised body, Regan's assault on the evening of February 1, 2016 was highly aggressive and brutal.

The victim's account is contained in Attachment 7a(3)of the Restraining Order. A full copy is below.

Note: Tasty has whited out the victim's first name, address, and contact information in order to protect his privacy. Tasty also whited out a portion of Regan's street address and license plate number for the same reasons. 

Here's the victim's description of what happened on the evening of February 1st at Regan's home:
On February 01, 2016 at approximately 4:00pm, I ______ Adams, Private Investigator for AMO Investigations began stationary surveillance at ___ Beloit Avenue, Kensington, Ca 94708. The reason for this surveillance was to serve legal papers to David Regan, the resident of the above listed address. Upon my arrival there was a green SUV with California license plate 6HIT___ parked in the driveway closest to the entry of the residence.
At approximately 6:32pm I saw a silver SUV drive into the driveway of ___ Beloit Ave. and park to the right of the green SUV. I exited my vehicle and approached the driveway. I started to approach the residence on the driver's side of the green SUV; however I saw a subject exit the driver's side of the silver SUV that matched the photograph that I had of David Regan and begin to walk to the rear of his SUV. I redirected my approach and met Mr. Regan at the rear of his SUV. I identifed myself and told him I was there to serve him some paperwork. Mr. Regan asked me what the paperwork was, I told him I didn't know. Mr. Regan told me he did not want the paperwork and walked away. Mr. Regan walked towards the passenger side of his SUV. I told Mr. Regan I would place the paper work on his car. I placed the paper work on the hood of Mr. Regans SUV and took video of the paper work on his SUV. I turned the video off and as I did I was pushed extremely hard from the left knocking me to the ground in front of the green SUV that was parked in the driveway. While I was on the ground I kept trying to get up; however Mr. Regan kept pushing me to the ground and hitting me in the head with his fist. I told Mr. Regan to stop, that I was leaving; however he continued to hit me and push me to the ground everytime I tried to get up. Fearing for my safety, I told Mr. Regan I was calling 911 with my cell phone. As I attempted to call 911 Mr. Regan kicked me on the right side of my chest knocking the wind out of me and causing an extreme amount of pain and making it very difficult to breath. As Mr. Regan continued to kick me in the chest I was able to use my right arm to block an additional kick. Mr. Regan kick me in the right arm with an extreme amount of force that made it very hard to use my right hand or arm. I though that he had broken my arm. I agin told Mr. Regan to stop and tried to call 911. I had my phone in my left hand trying to call 911 and Mr. Regan continued to kick me as he attempted to take my phone away from me. I was certain that if Mr. Regan was able to get my cell phone away from me he would have beaten me unconscious. At one point Mr. Regan was able to get his hand on my cell phone and attempt to pry it out of my hand. I rolled over, breaking his grip and placing my left hand under my body to prevent him from taking my cell phone.
At this point Mr. Regan left and I was able to get up and get to my vehicle where I called 911. The extreme amount of violence and force Mr. Regan used against me was so sever that I continue to have pain and nightmares. I've had to start counseling and I am not able to continue my job where I'm able to serve legal paper work. I thought I was going to die that

(Note: It appears that the statement's final words were inadvertently missed when the records were photocopied.)

Regan’s attack has already made headline CBS news in the San Francisco Bay Area. According to police officials, the District Attorney is currently reviewing the incident to determine whether it will file criminal charges against Regan.

What's next?
SEIU's Dave Regan
If even half of the details of the assault are true, it's hard to imagine how Regan can remain in office as a national Vice President of SEIU as well as the President of SEIU-UHW, a union of hospital workers.

Regan already has a record of spearheading a violent 2008 assault against union reformers at a national Labor Notes conference, which ended in the death of one SEIU member and injuries sustained by conference participants. He's also a defendant in an ongoing civil suit alleging his use of threats and violence against his union's own members and his critics. 

Will SEIU President Mary Kay Henry really tolerate such violence by one of its leaders... especially against a legal delivery person who could just as easily be a member of SEIU?