Friday, August 19, 2016

Video of Protest against SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry at “Fight for $15” Convention

Here’s a one-minute video that captures the moment at last weekend’s national “Fight for $15” convention when organizers attempted to deliver a letter to SEIU President Mary Kay Henry to protest her refusal to allow them to join SEIU’s staff union.

The footage, recorded by C-SPAN, begins with Henry speaking from the stage at the Greater Richmond Convention Center… and then shows reportedly 100 “Fight for $15” organizers and supporters trying to make their way to the stage.

At first, Henry attempts to ignore the organizers and continues with her speech. The organizers, carrying signs that say “$15 Minimum Wage and Union Rights for All Means FF15 Organizers Too!,” are blocked on their way to the stage, a sign is ripped from their hands, and parts of the crowd chant “Fight for $15” in an effort to suppress the protesters.

According to a news article, security guards subsequently removed the "Fight for $15" organizers from the convention.

Since April, Henry has refused the organizers’ request to allow them to join a staff union, the “Union of Union Representatives” (UUR), which already represents SEIU’s organizers across the nation.