Wednesday, November 9, 2016

California Hospital Workers Dump SEIU-UHW

In Southern California, approximately 250 workers at College Hospital Cerritos have ditched SEIU-UHW after the union reportedly failed to provide basic support to its members … even failing to return workers’ phone calls.

In February of 2013, 250 workers at the 157-bed psychiatric hospital in Cerritos, Calif. voted to join SEIU-UHW. 

Three years later, however, they’d had enough.

On October 25, 2016, workers petitioned the NLRB to conduct an election so they could exit SEIU-UHW and become “non-union.” On November 7, Bruce Harland -- SEIU-UHW’s hack attorney -- submitted a one-page, handwritten letter to the NLRB announcing that SEIU-UHW was officially “disclaiming interest” in being the workers’ union. See Harland’s letter below, which reads in part:
Effective immediately, SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West hereby disclaims any interest whatsoever in representing workers in the unit…

What is “disclaiming interest”? 

Basically, it means SEIU-UHW decided to throw in the towel and let the workers leave SEIU-UHW without a vote. SEIU-UHW’s Dave Regan made the decision after his staffers determined there’s so little support for SEIU-UHW that it would get blown out in an actual vote.

The membership rebellion at College Hospital Cerritos is just the latest failure for Regan, who has systematically cut the resources and staff needed to defend workers’ on-the-job rights. Instead, Regan has funneled tens of millions of dollars of workers' dues into failed schemes with the California Hospital Association, whose million-dollar executives conspired with Regan to try to eliminate workers' right to strike or report patient-care violations.

Last year, a group of workers at a Dignity Health’s Northridge Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles also ditched SEIU-UHW after earlier voting to join the union. SEIU-UHW is known for its cozy relationship with hospital corporations and Regan's backroom deals with hospital execs.
Dave Regan
And late last month, an appeals court ordered SEIU-UHW officials to stand trial for failing to defend one of its own members after she was improperly laid off from her job of 24 years by Dignity Health, one of California’s largest hospital corporations.

Here’s the one-page legal letter from Bruce Harland, SEIU-UHW’s General Counsel. 

Why did Harland hand-write the letter?  Good question. Perhaps a computer class is next on Harland's list after he finishes some basic legal training.