Friday, April 21, 2017

Dave Regan: "I want a higher salary than the presidents of the Steelworkers and UAW"

SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan
Should SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan earn more than the international presidents of the United Auto Workers at the United Steel Workers?

Doesn’t make sense, right?

After all, Leo Gerard (USW) and Dennis Williams (UAW) lead international unions with four to six times as many members as Regan’s local union in California. In 2016, the UAW had 415,963 members while the USW had 548,033.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop “Wall Street” Dave Regan from pocketing a higher salary in 2016, according to the unions’ DOL Forms LM-2.

In fact, SEIU-UHW’s second-highest paid official, Dave Kieffer, also earned more than the USW’s Gerard and the UAW’s Williams.

Here’s a rundown of their pay, according to Forms LM-2:
Dave Regan, SEIU-UHW President:  $224,706
Dave Kieffer, SEIU-UHW Director of Governmental Relations:  $210,909
Leo Gerard, International President of United Steelworkers:  $207,289
Dennis Williams, International President of United Auto Workers:  $184,159

SEIU-UHW's David Kieffer
A quick glance through SEIU-UHW’s recently filed disclosure report reveals that ten SEIU-UHW officials pocketed more than $150,000 during 2016. The list is below.

And take a look at their job descriptions.

Is it really necessary for one local union to have a Director of Governmental Relations, a Director of Public Affairs, a Director of Healthcare Policy and Advocacy, and a Political Director -- all earning more than $150K a year?
  • Dave Regan, President:  $224,706
  • Dave Kieffer, Director of Governmental Relations:  $210,909
  • Kathy Ochoa, Director of Healthcare Policy and Advocacy:  $179,572
  • Stan Lyles, Vice President:  $176,230
  • Steve Trossman, Director of Public Affairs:  $170,494
  • David Miller, Assistant to the President for Strategic Campaigns:   $168,974
  • Myriam Escamilla, Hospital Division Director:   $162,415
  • Greg Pullman, Chief of Staff:  $153,980
  • Chokri Bensaid, Kaiser Division Director:  $152,860
  • Cass Gualvez, Organizing Director:   $152,521
  • Arianna Jimenez, Political Director:   $152,227

Glad there are unions like NUHW, whose constitution speaks volumes about the union's democratic values by prohibiting the union's president from earning more than the highest-paid rank-and-file member.