Sunday, March 14, 2010

Angela Hewett, back and worse than ever!

Tasty hears that SEIU staffer Angela Hewett is continuing her campaign of terror against workers at Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center. Perhaps you recall that Angela and Mary Kay Henry called the cops on a UHW member for simply trying to attend his hospital's Steward Council meeting? Or the time when her minion ripped NUHW materials off the wall of another Kaiser worker's cubicle at the hospital?

What has Ang been up to lately? Turns out, she's been conspiring with HR officials to target NUHW supporters at Kaiser Walnut Creek. Apparently, Angela told an SEIU Contract Specialist to report rank-and-file supporters to HR for talking about "the union" (NUHW) in the workplace. When one worker was called into an investigatory meeting with Kaiser HR officials, they mistakenly shared emails in which Angela instructed the Contract Specialist to target NUHW supporters with HR complaints. Whoops!

Sounds like Angela will soon join Dana Hohn, Rahul Varshney, Sam Ogren and other SEIU staffers in front of an NLRB judge for targeting and intimidating the union members whose rights they're supposed to protect.

Where do they find these people?