Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SEIU's Mixed Messages...

Over the weekend, UHW Chief of Staff Greg Pullman's responded to this email from a UHW staffer, calling the original email a "complete misrepresentation" of what the zombie propaganda team has been saying. In fact, according to Pullman, the zombies "have always been open and clear" about the fact that funds in question were openly transferred with the unanimous approval of the executive board to pay specific, documented expenses that were incurred prior to the trusteeship.

Which begs the question: Why then does UHW have this video of their Chicken Picket up on their site? Check out members voices at 2:14 or 2:43. Those members are clearly stating that they believe that former UHW leaders STOLE THEIR STRIKE FUND.

If SEIU has always been so clear about it, who misled those members? And who made the video and put it on SEIU's site? And who told the mystery staffer from the email that the money was missing?

Tasty is calling bullshit on Pullman's memo, and on SEIU's whole message.