Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looks Like Dave Regan Has Some Competition!

Sophia Sims describes herself this way:

Union Activist; I have been a union activist for over 22 years. As a member worker, I have organized externally and internally, politically organized(precinct walking, phone banking, lobbying the lawmakers), union steward(representation of the members). Ive held union staff positions as a Rep./ Organizer and Staff Director(CHW & Kaiser Division. Currently the President of AFRAM (Los Angeles Area chapter and Western Region Secretary). Most union affiliated organizations like CBTU, A. Phillip Randolph, AFRAM(African American Caucus) been involved or a member. Alumni of the UCLA African American School. Held the office of Treasure with the staff union under Local 399. Mostly a humanitarian, I care about people even when they dont care about themselves or dont know how to care about themselves. Im known as Sophia, Sophie, or ss (lol). Also that person who is not afraid to speak out when there is an injustice done to

...and it seems she is running for UHW President against Dave Regan. Tasty wants to know more--email me at