Friday, October 1, 2010

Breaking news! NLRB authorizes injunction against Kaiser

On Thursday, the NLRB authorized its attorneys to seek a 10(j) injunction in U.S. District Court against Kaiser Permanente for illegally withholding a 2% pay increase from the 2,300 RNs and Pros who voted overwhelmingly to join NUHW in January. This shows (once again) that SEIU is lying through its teeth when it tells Kaiser workers they'll lose their pay, benefits and scheduled raises if they vote to switch unions. It's a lie. In fact, Kaiser is now gonna get slapped with a federal injunction for breaking the law!

So what's a 10(j) injunction? It's like any court-ordered injunction or restraining order to stop illegal actions. Federal law allows the NLRB to seek 10(j) injunctions "when there is strong evidence that an employer has committed unfair labor practices" and the NLRB wants "swift relief" to "mitigate the damage of the employer's actions," according to the American Rights at Work (ARAW).

Each year, the NLRB seeks only a small number of 10(j) injunctions against the worst corporate offenders (That's you, Kaiser). According to ARAW, the NLRB issued an average of just sixteen 10(j) injunctions per year from 2001 through 2005.

Kaiser has now joined the ranks of America's worst corporate outlaws because its executives are hellbent on trying to help SEIU win the NLRB election. And It's clear why: In just 18 months, SEIU's DC trustees have handed huge prizes to Kaiser's executives, including hundreds of millions of dollars of pension cuts, 1,500 layoffs, and a side-deal to cut workers' health insurance. No wonder Kaiser's execs are willing to face federal injunctions.

And Tasty can just imagine the long list of additional concessions that Kaiser execs are preparing if SEIU wins the election.

Time to vote, Kaiser workers! Ballots gotta be mailed ASAP so they reach the NLRB office by Monday.