Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Kaiser Workers to Vote!

Let's not get too distracted by the fact that the FBI is investigating Andy Stern!!

We have an election here, people! In fact, we have a new election at Kaiser for 2000 more Kaiser workers!

On October 18th, Nor Cal Optical workers, Mental Health professionals and Medical Social Workers will have their chance to vote for NUHW!

Oh, man. It must stink to be SEIU staff. The hits just keep coming...

By the way--Andy is denying the allegations. And his pal Republican former lawmaker Alan Simpson defended Andy: Simpson criticized “any person who uses an anonymous blog” to make assertions. Such a person “is a jerk, or a bonehead or a boob,” he said.

He better not be referring to Tasty, who got his information the old fashioned way: he read it on the AP's website! And the Associate Press (known for years of reporting excellence) wrote a story that cited TWO union officials who spoke with the FBI.

Something about Andy's denial doesn't add up.